79 Devon Moonraker Doubletop

Discussion in 'Show Us Your Ride' started by spongebob, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. 72wilma

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    Thanks, we loved looking at all the old brochures and thanks also for adding to our vw knowledge! "Massive swing up action"- what a selling point :)
  2. ooohhh, very nice indeed, m8, and love those old Devon brochures.. 8)
  3. Birdy

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    That is a nice looking bus.
  5. absolutely cracking, what a stunning bus...with great pics..
  6. Now that's a terrific looking bus m8, absolutely stunning pics.

    Love the cab area..clean and tidy looking with uncluttered doors and love the bambus shelf..sets it off a treat! 8) 8)
  7. Thanks fellas!

    Just spotted her in the new 'Great Escapes' book, which brought a smile to my face (easily pleased!).. ;)

  8. Perfection :thumbsup:
  9. What a gorgeous bus, stunning...love an original late Devon, very 8)
  10. el


    well done mate ,you must be very happy :mwave:
  11. thank you fellasa, yes, very happy indeed.. ;D
  12. stunning bus there m8, and gorgeous colour... 8)
  15. wow..stunning bus and gorgeous pics...perfect bus you have there m8.. 8)
  16. Very very nice bus, well done
  17. Birdy

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