FOR SALE 77 Bay Camper/Kombi Microbus. Ready to drive away. UK, Surrey

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by julianb, Nov 26, 2015.

  1. Well hes got the wig so why not!
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  2. Cheers... yeah I was not happy myself when I realised I had missed the price. I used to hate adverts with no price etc. And I usually double and triple check things.
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  3. Your only mistake was not knowing this is a forum that operates in real time. :thumbsup:
    Post something here then disappear for ten minutes at your peril.
  4. And heaven forbid you ask for a name change :D :eek:
  5. LOL...
  6. Now you mention it :D
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  7. I asked for a name change and got it changed.?
    Didnt seem to be a problem I just ask politely.
  8. Is that such a good idea ? ,that just keeps parts of this site that we might need or be looking for ,not everyone has the time nowadays to contribute to a forum ,and maybe they have sold their bus and have a bundle of parts they need rid of ,and put it on a site dedicated to that part ,just saying
  9. I tend to agree. I know I'm new here. But I have been online for pretty much as long as it has been possible to be and spent ten years posting big time and being very much involved with forums and I now don't really have time... I have three kids, elderly parents, my own practise as an osteopath... yeah would love to spend hours hours online but I just don't now. Doesn't mean I am any more of less a VW enthusiast :)
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