FOR SALE 77 Bay Camper/Kombi Microbus. Ready to drive away. UK, Surrey

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  1. £12,000 open to sensible offers in person.

    This is a nice right hand drive, hardtop microbus. Which is ready to use now.


    It is not a walkthrough.

    Comes with a 1600cc recon engine with a four speed manual gear box.

    It has ALL NEW:

    - Brakes, including pads, front callipers, all rubber hoses, rear cylinders, rear shoes, rear backing plates, hand brake cable, discs & most lines.
    - All four CV gaiters.
    - Dropper spindles.
    - Steering ball joints & tie rod ends.
    - Fuch style wheels & Yokohama tyres.
    - Carburettor.
    - Door cards.
    - Oil cooler.
    - Electronic ignition.
    - Clutch and friction plate.
    - Curtains.
    - Carpet set and flooring.

    And we recently changed the gearbox.

    And changed all fluids all round.

    It has been sensibly lowered. It is VW pastel white and has carbon fibre look wrap on the roof.

    Inside the cab has very comfortable high back seats with built in speakers. They can be moved backwards or forwards and the angle of the back is adjustable. In general the front cab has been tastefully customised making it more comfortable while keeping the original character. It is fully carpeted and has a hidden stereo install, with electric aerial under the dash (good for using an iTrip).

    In the cab and throughout the bus all door cards are good quality black leather look vinyl. In the back is a full width seat, a single jump seat and an occasional table. There is a really lovely set of curtains made from new old stock period material.

    The curtains fit using magnets and there is one massive one to go round the inside of the front windows and a further five identical sized curtains which cover the remaining windows. The full width seat converts into a rock and roll bed, the bed is effectively three quarter bed once converted as there is a small storage box on top of the engine cover which currently contains the curtains when they are not in use.

    The floor is dark laminate and there are two three way speakers set into the base of the rear seat.

    The bus is solid and is rustproofed underneath. It’s 38 years old and has never had a full restoration, so while it is a lovely looking bus and drives very well it is not entirely perfect.

    Please do not come and look expecting a vehicle which is 100% mint like it had a full professional restoration; those buses cost three times the price this is up for. What you get here is a really sweet bus which is ready to use. Close up the paint work is not as nice as it looks in the photos. You need to see it to understand, it isn't bad at all... but it's not mint either.

    If you are after a bus which looks like they are meant to look… as in no spare wheel on the front and no pop top on the roof… which is customised in what I always think of jokingly as 'sensible custom' this is the bus for you… it is not so low you have issues with speed bumps or wheels hitting the bottom of the arch etc. At the same time it has a nice lowered stance and drives as well as any VW bus I have ever had the pleasure to drive.

    This bus is jointly owned between me (Julian) and my friend (Malcolm) we have owned it for four and a bit years... but now have a Split screen bus.

    Malcolm used the bus for his wedding in August and all the guests loved it. It does stand out compared to other ones.

    Come and look at the bus, crawl all over it, take as long as you need. If you have a keen eye you might notice bits missing like the surround round the interior door opener, but these little things have now all been sorted. You can test drive round the block as I live in a private road so this is quite mellow and there won't be lots of traffic etc.

    The price is not set in stone and we are open to polite and sensible negotiation once you have seen it and we are talking in person, not being rude, but I won't negotiate on the phone before you have seen it, I don't think that is unreasonable and sensible buyers will, I hope, understand.

    I work from home so day time viewings during the week may be possible. At the risk of getting too far ahead of myself… payment by bank transfer or by cash during bank hours so we can pay cash in to bank together and make sure it's all kosher.

    Thank you if you have read to here.

    Message me on here or phone or text me (Julian) on: 07966 405809. Text to my mobile is best as I won't miss it and will reply to you quickly.

    (The bus and I are located in Kingswood, Tadworth, Surrey which is close to Junction 8 of the M25, or if heading out of London is due South of Wimbledon within the M25).










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  2. And I quote from the rules sticky...

    Private sales only unless you are a sponsor. If you are a trader you need to be a sponsor.

    All threads need
    • a price
    • a location
    • a photo
    • some form of contact details
    • no ebay links
    • no vehicle sales without a v5 or equivilent
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  3. do we have the crack it open to find it....?:D
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    @julianb We need a price or the ad will be removed.
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    Don't worry, that won't offend anyone here o_O
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  6. He's aiming his ad at newbies. :thumbsup:
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    Ah fair one...:)
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    This thread will disappear if a price isn't added @julianb.
    Might be worth adding a bit of detail about how solid the bus is too or areas of concern.
    Also some photos of the usual problem areas.
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  9. Assume your open to offers. I will go £1500 unseen. Can you deliver?
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  10. £1600, I'm in the East Grimlands, but I'll need those number plates changing.
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  11. Another new chap coming on to sell his bus. Probably to him its like putting an add online and is unlikely he'll be back at least not for a while.
  12. Who puts an ad up without mentioning the PRICE. Has to be dodgy.
  13. Its a cut and paste of his eBay ad wants £13k
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    Looks in nice condition, I guess prices climb all the time...
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    You've been asked 3 times mate and been online this morning.
    Add a price or the ad goes. It's not for others to add your price.
  16. Go go go doit I don't think people should just join to sell a bus then Uck off [​IMG] Good Bye
  17. :lol:
    Whyever not, someone might want to buy them?
  18. True [​IMG]

    But I don't like change is nice here as it is:gnome:[​IMG]
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    sponsorship is a small price to pay if you're profiting off a forum - what is it £20?.... it narks me the rules are clear.
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    yeah plus eleventy on the plates.
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