FOR SALE 73westie now sold

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by Brett1, Jun 30, 2013.

  1. Couple of pics ... image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

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  2. For sell still may px plus cash or tickets to Brasil worldcup ????? image.jpg
  3. the future is jaffa
  4. Maybe be losing my job in February which is a shocker after 24years working there so van is up for offers not stupid ones tho ?????????
  6. Still here ;)
  7. image.jpg may have found a new owner now just waiting to see wot happens.
  8. This vehicle is now SOLD and awaiting collection .
  9. congrats , great bus that , i would have if i hadnt already :thumbsup: errrm what happened to your other eyebrow in last pic o_O
  10. That was when I was making a decision of eyebrows on or of , will put on again for new owner :) Got to clear all my kit out the van now :( .
  11. :(
  12. fancy a deal with a split , have a look on ssvc under 65 split , thanks . dobbo.
  13. Nope , anyway van is sold .
  14. VAN has gone good bye little van .
  15. :(:(:(
  16. Cheers Robo you got your great van you want to sell it to me ;) ?
  17. Let me think about that for a mo,


    NO! :D

    So what are you going to buy next chap? Hows the job situation?
  18. Potty you won't let me buy yr van it's mint , job unsure still at the mo , don't know weather to go self employed yet .
  19. Will look after the van Brett.
    Did over 400 miles getting it home yesterday and it didnt miss a beat, which is a great start :)
  20. That's great aliren , she did me very well for 13years mate , this site is great and there are lots of friendly people here which is great , don't forget to introduce tour self as a newbie , looking forward to see how you put your own stamp on the van .:thumbsup:
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