FOR SALE 73westie now sold

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by Brett1, Jun 30, 2013.

  1. 12months mot sorted lol and deliverd ?
  2. I might be able to do £1.50 at a push lol
  3. Going in the right direction lol.
  4. Go on then a fiver !! :rolleyes:
  5. Maybe
  6. Show time . This is the price is right ..........
  7. Open to sensible offers ?
  8. Over priced vans or are they maybe ???? No interest on mine may advertise else where but if mine is over priced the cr.p I've seen are very over priced . Give me a price what you would say is fair for my van ???????
  9. We're looking for a Westie, what have you got inside as you said it doesn't have the original interior?
  10. Cool box fridge ,side cupboard, table , rock and roll bed full size , head unit over bed .
  11. No cooker or sink then? We are looking for one around the £9000 mark. We're in Sth Wales, not much down here mind but are willing to travel up to 150 miles and have done so.
  12. Have you seen anything on your travels ?
  13. sweet
  14. [quote="Brett1, post: 481041, member: 410there for use you seen anything on your travels ?[/quote]
    We had a nice day at Busfest bot nothing therw
  15. We are newbies so hadn't a clue what we were looking for to start with or what to look out for! We still don't but are picking bits and pieces up as we trundle along. Saw a couple in Bristol, just pop tops not westies, but had a bit too much rust for us. We have just looked at one in West Sussex and are a bit disappointed with him not telling us about the holes in the floor before we travelled there. What we need is someone who knows what they're looking at and talking about lol. We did see a lovely Oxley conversion but not sure if we like the hi top, what do you think about them? I'm trying to pick bits up from all the threads so I think I know more than my hubby at the moment!
  16. Yea you have to be careful as there are some bags of cra. Out there and if u see I shiney one make sure you see all resto pics as a spray job hides everything .
  17. Drove 400 miles last two days down to West Sussex, Hants, Dorset, managed to see 4, 2 westies and 2 devons but still no luck. Getting annoyed when people
    know you're coming from afar and still happen to forget to tell you about all the rust it really has! Cost us about £150 that little trip.
  18. Not every van is perfect even expensive vans you may find little inperfections pity you don't see mine ? Pm me if you need to know more ?
  19. Just had a phone call from my parents ,a bloke wanted to look at my van ??? It haven't got for sale sign in it and its only been for sale on this site , but my dad let him look at it and he said make me an offer that he would put to me lol, ££££ wot a celery he was , my dad then said to him if he could buy one like this get him 3 vans which my dad would have himself to rent out , this as well as other celerys wanting to nick it of you for nothing should do one , do I post on other sites now or keep as are little boy will be albel to enjoy camping next year .
  20. It's got a new 12month mot today .

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