72-74 indicator parts

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  1. Hi guys and girls,

    Not really on the UK forums as I'm in Oz. The forum is very familiar! The kombiclub forum uses the same engine.

    In any case although I am a T3 guy I am often ask to do little parts jobs across lots of VW models. I was recently ask by some of the fellows at JustKampers Australia to make repair parts for the 72-74 inficator switches. We have good results with the cancel and bridge pieces. With testing of the center and base pieces coming to a close very soon.

    I have uploaded them to Shapeways in the states.





    Just uploading a new version of the internal part, so will add that to the list soon. Also I understand there is a version with 5mm stalk, so am working on that.

    If anyone can suggest a 3D printing service in the UK/Europe to add these to to make it simpler for everyone on that side of the planet. That would be awesome.


    If you are interested in some of the stuff we have been doing here is the original thread from the Aussie forum (like I mentioned, you may see some similarities :D) . I believe the indicators are first mentioned on the bottom of page 12?
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  2. Good work :thumbsup:
  3. @lhu1281 dables in a bit of 3d printing I think
  4. It’s finding a 3D printer company that doesn’t have a minimum order ..
  5. Or finding a friend with one. The amount the switches cost you could almost buy your own printer..

    Many thanks @Nils :thumbsup:
  6. I have added the new version of the internal part to the above list. I am waiting to hear back from the testers as this looks to be the final version before full release from editing. Until then you can't currently purchase it.

    The plastic base I imagine will rarely sell as the only reason I foresee it being damaged is in an electrical fire, so is at cost of material price only.

    So I thought I might talk about the parts a little in case any body would like to take the bit and buy them from the states, as Shapeways do ship the world over. I thought they had a branch in the Netherlands actually.

    All parts I would recommend printing on the white versatile plastic, you could do i in the professional plastic but for these parts I have found no advantage. Don't be temped to have them polished in house as the very small geometry on these pieces are already at the lower limit of some of their restrictions.

    The plastic is indeed quite grainy compared to the original and the moving surfaces will need a light polish with some sandpaper, and some grease on assembly.

    Many of the small hose will need a light drill to get the correct fit (this was done on purpose, as some parts I deemed it better to have add a secondary proess than get the size wrong due to tolerances.)
    Of note are ; holes on the wings of the cancel hammer (can just push a pin in here)
    The hole for the steel pin in the center of the cancel hammer (drill to 3mm)
    and the hole for the role pin in the internal part (drill to 2mm)

    What does the material really look like? Like this but not quite as dirty


    Ever Wondered what is going on inside your indicator and how these parts interact?
    indicator plastic parts.JPG
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  7. nice work
  8. Looks pretty good, Nils. How robust is the printed plastic compared with moulded nylon or ABS?
  9. The material I have found very positive, while not as tough as real nylon, it will snap if you bend it far enough. It is however much more resilient than the original abs. In some applications the stiffness is required but not his one, the internal spring creates most of it.
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  10. Awesome work, bookmarked for future reference!
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  11. The internal part of the indicator is now updated and active on Shapeways now. A few little details were changed here and there, but I think we have a working piece now.

    anybody taking the plunge has any problems or suggestions with the part please let me know and I will check and change those details and send an updated version.
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  12. I’ve ordered the bits as the hook on the larger white bit has broken on mine - they look great. But I’m struggling to find the small 7 or 8mm long tension springs. Any ideas?
  13. Successful indicator fix with bits from Shapeways and springs from springsandthingd.me.uk - both excellent websites - especially springs and things. Indicator now stays put when it should and even usually cancels when it should. Bit fiddly, but no worse than most jobs.
  14. Great work Aang!

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  15. Are these parts for this switch?


    Just checking before I buy them. Having the self cancelling working again would be great. But stopping the indicators turning on every time I drive over a pebble would be a real boon!
  16. Best I can tell from that photo yes, what year is your bus Cloppper?

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  17. Yes - I think so. But double check yours is like the photo here.

    I only needed the spring as one of mine was mangled up - you may not need one.
  18. It’s a 72/73. Has the lozenge end, not the paddle. [​IMG]
  19. Hmm, mine has a different end on the stalk. But everything else points to the internal gubbins being the same/similar.
  20. There is a 5mm and a 6mm stalk, this may correlate to the different ends.

    Either way they have the same bridge and cancel thingo inside.

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