WANTED Indicator stalk

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  1. mines not working anymore! :-(
  2. Wot year might help ;)
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  3. Its a 73 so might have some crossdresser features. not quite sure if the indicators changed?
  4. The one shown below is for August '72 to April '74. Chassis # 213 2000 001 to 214 2164 059.
    VW part number = 211 953 509 H.
    SWF part number = HLS 291 096.
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  5. I have this sort for sale .

    Part number

  6. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] mine are like this

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  7. [​IMG]

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  8. my chassis number is 2332125369
  9. NOS ones are out there - a Dutch garage had 3 on eBay last year.
  10. ouch!
  11. Anyone ever fitted a 3rd party generic indicator stalk?
  12. The repro version was £127 when I bought one from VWH and it was rubbish. I gave up and fitted one of these:

    A bit of modification was needed, but not much. I had to wrap it in tape to avoid horn issues as well. Functionally much better than the repro version and loads cheaper.
  13. Looked at that earlier but what did you do about the high beam etc
    thanks for your help!
  14. Moo

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    Would £25 posted seem out of the way for one of them unicorn paddles? If it sounds reasonable, and it helps you out, I might have a spare. I'll plug it into my bus to make sure it's all working when I get 5.
  15. Would be fantastic! Let me know if it's ok

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