57 Split,,,,,,, Never Finished !!!

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by PIE, Mar 9, 2015.

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    Yep, that's the one.
    Not sure on the size and I'm stuck in the office all day.
  2. PIE


    I made an ally cap and Self tappered, CT1'd it stuffed the insulation back in, I was going to line it with modern 1" insulated plastic covered board but with the amount of time it stayed on with the battery it is up there with a weico off the shelf fridge Im glad i kept the capacity, I could always do it in the future if I want.
  3. PIE


    it would need to be a bigger box unless you bend the plate and it would still be tight, the one I used is 65 litres give or take, the fridge stuff is good to 80 litres
  4. PIE


    Took her out to test the finished item, everything went as it should which was great. IMG_3418.JPG IMG_3420.JPG

  5. PIE


    IMG_3424.JPG IMG_3429.JPG IMG_3440.jpg IMG_3421.JPG
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  6. Looks amazing in side and out. Well done worth all the effort.
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  7. Simply Lovely
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  9. made some job of that the seats are claaaaasssss:worship:
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  10. PIE


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    Just perfect bus, love it
  12. Love this. You need some “period” camping chairs to go with it.

  13. PIE


    Your right the Shakespear 1980s carp fishing chairs just dont cut it!
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  14. I’ve got some proper retro wooden folding deck chairs - they look great but they take up loads of room so I hardly ever use them.

    I’m prob going to make something with a nice compact folding frame but put some og westy fabric on it.
  15. PIE


    You cant beat a bit of Brazilian Leather!
  16. What a stunning result ... you must be very pleased !!!
  17. PIE


    I am happy with it thanks, I did think of part exchanging it for a later split or 356/912 project as in Feb and March I will be bored and have nothing to do!!
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  18. PIE


    Scratch that, I decided to give the bay a going over and between other things it kept me going
  19. PIE


    After being cut deep by being told that it looked like I had run over a wheelbarrow I spent a couple of hours I will never get back giving it the original 1200 look


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  20. PIE


    Two outings, not a bad result


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