40 mpg from a type one and 50 % power increase

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  1. This article makes some interesting claims

    VW Type 1 Mileage Master MPG Engine Combo
    [​IMG]With fuel prices on the rise, we’ve been getting lots of inquiries about building a VW engine to improve and maximize. This article outlines Aircooled.Net’s recommendations for an MPG Long Block – we call it the “Mileage Master”. This article focuses on the components for a Mileage Master Engine. A lot of guys aren’t interested in improving mileage that much, but their ears perk up when they find out that if they build this engine as we have specified, they will have up to a 50% increase in power over the stock engine! Doing that and having a 40+ mpg power plant is nothing to sneeze at!

  2. Cow?
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  4. Its a bold claim for sure
    What reasons do you both think its not achievable with that build?
  5. Would have been done already????
  6. Cause it's on a trailer towed by a diesel
  7. Interesting that they're advocating a centre mount stock carb... Twin 36s would be more efficient than a stock carb!! :)
  8. Dream on!
  9. Presumably thems puny american gallons, so that'd be nearer 50MPG imperial !!???
  10. You won't find an equivalent modern 1.6 petrol engined vehicle that can achieve a real 40 mpg with FI, electronic management, lean burn and millions of £ development budget.
  11. It's based on the HOT VWs magazine series of articles.
  12. "our goal is not to make maximum power, we just want to make it as efficient as possible"

    I am more open minded on this. The Type 1 engine is an ancient design and with modern thinking and computerized machine shop tolerances maybe its true?;)
  13. It won't run with smaller tolerances
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