3/4 Rock 'n' Roll bed

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by nicko_1982, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. My 3/4 rock n roll bed was already fitted when i bought the bus, but it is really high, when sitting on the bench with the added 3/4 inch foam I am looking out above the windscreen.
    When i put the bed flat the r&r does fall flat with the bottom of the boot, so don't understand why it's so high

  2. Iam no expert but it looks like its the hinge design, not sure if your gonna be able to do much about it
  3. Are different hinges used on the r&r beds which are inbuilt the metal frames?

    and how do the metal bed frames work as surely the bed would still have to be at the same height as the boot....hmmmm
  4. Iam assuming yours is a wooden r/r bed ?

    There are a few designs of rock and roll hinges about, i used to have jk ones that were not as high as the bed you have there. Please someone correct me but i cant see you being able to do anything unless u change the bed or possibly different set of hinges
  5. It does look high, mine sort of drops as it goes into a seat.
    When its a bed there is a gap between the base of the bed & the top of the seat.
    Yours doesn't have the gap maybe if you cut the wood front down it will sit lower. :thinking:
  6. mine not like that ,it has fold down frame/legs which sit on front of panel under front of seat to hold seat level with back of van but you fold these up when you drop it down which makes seat lower if you get what i mean ??
  7. sell it and buy a rusty lee RnR bed :thumbsup:
  8. I'm tempted.... just need to save up some cash & get the interior done!1
  11. It's on order!! hopefully picking up in a week or two!

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