240v consumer wiring/info thread.

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  1. neutral is connected to earth at the transformer so if wired between earth and netual it only lights if live is live
    Its the same as you dont get a shock off the neutral unless there is current is flowing elsewhere in the curcuit
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  2. Household is easy when you break it down my old apprentice master hated it and call it Micky mouse electrics, campers are a bit different and have there own section in the regs
    Most of my apprenticeship was industrial and for a few years i had my 11kva ticket as i sometimes did work in quarrys thats when it gets scary
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  3. Diode only allows current to flow in one direction. An led is a light emmitting diode.
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    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    snotty got pwned.
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  5. Im with him. I still do 11kv but only switching and ive got rid of most of the oil gear now so its nearly all gas or vacuum. Bum still twitches a bit but not quite as much.
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  6. i had a nice oil switch explode now thats a mess it even knocked a hole through the brick wall it was mounted on
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  7. Never happened to me and guess you were lucky there. Had a fright when closing a breaker onto a fault wich blew the meter which was cunningly placed at eye level. I cant recall anything between seeing a flash and being at the other side of the car park watching the smoke billow out of the door. Another one was closing onto a fault on an oil switch and watching the whole thing light up like a christmas tree till the fault cleared. On that occasion i sensibly stood quite still. I suppose the correct response would have been to hop away quickly but thats not a standard procedure is it.
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  8. Cracking thread this Ricky. I need to improve my setup but it seems to be a bit of a mine field. You are asking all the questions I'd like answers to.
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  9. How would that detect correct mains polarity, given that live and neutral look electrically exactly the same, eh, m'boy ;)?

    Could do it if you had an earth reference: maybe that's what the mystery white wire is.
  10. Why is it important to earth to the bodyshell if the shell is insulated from the earth by the tyres. ?
  11. So that you dont become the earth wire!
  12. Go read a book!
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  13. because it is insulated
    If are stood on the wet muddy ground and touch the live van it might hurt
  14. Which is why you need an earth reference for your little detector...
  15. So the van bodyshell is earthed via the campsite hookup through your jaffa lead ?
  16. Yes that is why it's important to fit at least a 4mm2 wire from the bodywork to the the hookup lead via the fuse box in the van and also why the tent leads are so risky
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  17. And?
  18. Think weve already got there but thanks anyway!
  19. Thanks. It all makes sense.
  20. A quick look on fleebay shows a camper unit with double pole 10 and 6 amps for £39 delivered.

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