240v consumer wiring/info thread.

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    And me, double yippee, but I can't claim credit for getting the right one as Matty had told me which one to buy on another thread ages ago. :thumbsup:
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    Anyway mine's done and working, I put another socket in (so 2x2 on the 10a breaker and 1x2 on the 6) the 6 runs the c-tek and has potential for another small item, the 10 is for general items.
    The red light isn't on so my house/van is wired right :lol:

    Here's the unit and the 6a
    Here's the c-tek lit up and charging.
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    that's a good one and the double pole breaker is only single size and on a B breaker.
    people reading this thread buy this one if you need a unit to be 100% safe, the one i have is "probably" ok on C breakers but it's bigger as well.
  4. Hard to see in the picture but does this have a B6 and a B10 double pole. Seems like the perfect item and at a good price. :thumbsup::thumbsup:
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    The xtreme one does buy that one
  6. Thanks Ricky. A very informative thread with a dusting of the usual humour. I'll get one of those and fit it in the spring.
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  7. Thanks to the sparkys as well.
  8. I ended up taking out the unit in the Puck because the casing was cracked. God job as the polarity change switch was wired with smaller gauge wire than all of the other electrics, so it had got hot and melted the insulation in several places. I got a consumer unit from our local wholesaler with double pole B6 and B16 breakers. This is a useful thread, maybe @bernjb56 could sticky it in Technical or Conversions?
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    @Owen Snell one thing I would suggest (and one of the proper sparkys may either agree or correct me) I see no point in having a 6 and 16 set up when most sites only input 16 total? I may be totally wrong which I'm happy if so as it will help with others, good idea on the sticky.
  10. I see the point, but I think my light feed will only be taking about 1 Amp in the Puck (maybe less if I stick LED bulbs in it instead of Halogen), so I might as well use a 16 for the sockets (3 x single).
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  11. This isnt really an issue to be honest. I shouldnt worry about it.
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  12. I'm going to get a C-TEK in the Puck as well, set up like yours.
  13. Yes tripled! I followed advice on here :rolleyes:
  14. Hi guys,

    I just wanted to check with you my wiring.

    Feed "in" from site on the right. Feed "out" to sockets on left.

    My main doubt is for the neutral cables. Since they are all connected at the bottom of the unit, do I still need to connect them all on the top left?

  15. That looks fine you don't need to use the top left block but you do need a 4mn2 green/yellow to go from the van metal work to the top right block
    Your nutral wire at the bottom of the rcd is to short as well
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  16. Thanks.
    So better swap all the earths to the top left block, in order to have for slots (one for each C-pak and one for the van)?
    Neutral wire is a bit longer than what the picture shows. But will make it longer just for safety.
  17. rickyrooo1

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    you can put 2 wires in one hole on the earth side for your other curcuit when you wire it.
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  18. Okay didn't know that. It makes sense though.

    Last question is there really a length limit for the length of the main input (jaffa cable).
    Somebody told me it shouldn't be more than 2.5m long.
  19. From the hookup point to the RCD?

    The wires can be anything up to 25m long, so I'm sure 2.5m isn't the limit.

    Unless I've misunderstood.
  20. Yes from hook-up to RCD.
    Apparently I got the floating point wrong. 2.5m was just a bit too short for what I had in mind.


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