FOR SALE 1978 Volkswagen T2 2 Litre Devon Conversion

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by Ukjoncollins, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. You've got away lightly with 10K believe me :)
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  2. Given the condition and the MOT history I think you have gotten off lightly and came out well with the payout.

    Good luck with the next one.
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  3. I wouldn't throw any more money at it.

    Draw a line under it, stick it on ebay with no reserve and get shot.

    Its been a learning experience. In terms of value, bear in mind your insurers only valued the van at 5k which is very low and limited your claim settlement. As said, you could realistically hope for 1 to 2k, which is about what most projects fetch on ebay.
  4. If you do get another and go to look at it, for gawds sake, take someone with you who knows these vehicles and can distinguish between a rot box and a decent vehicle :thumbsup:
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