FOR SALE 1978 Volkswagen T2 2 Litre Devon Conversion

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  1. It is with a heavy heart I've decided to let go of my 1978 VW T2 Devon Bus. I suffered an engine fire (backfire in the left side carb, likely bad engine timing). Whilst I got the fire out very quickly, and the damage is certainly not as bad as it could be, it is an insurance right off.

    From the photos, you'll see it'll likely need an engine rebuild, a new set of carbs, ancillaries, a new split charge and various other bits to get it back on the road.

    The general condition of the bus isn't the best. It does have quite a bit of rust (bottom of doors, front wheel arches, etc...) although a lot of the common issues were addressed a couple of years before I bought it (last year).

    Devon Pop-Top Conversion
    2 litre type 4 engine
    Fully reconditioned
    6 rib gear box (went in at the start of this year)
    64,808 Miles
    Full service history

    It's likely that this sale won't include the interior (units, rock'n'roller, upholstery), as I might retain this for my next bus. A month before the fire I had the upholstery re-done at a cost of over £1K but I would consider a reduced offer if you wished to retain the interior.

    £2,500 with no interior
    £3,000 with interior

    The bus can be viewed in Henfield by appointment.

    Contact me on

    IMG_1206.jpg IMG_1350.jpg IMG_1179.jpg IMG_1178.jpg IMG_2665.jpg IMG_2135.jpg IMG_2657.jpg IMG_2661.jpg IMG_2663.jpg IMG_2133.jpg
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  2. presumably your insurers paid out and you bought the salvage? so you got your money and you are left with a project van? I would put it on ebay as a project with no reserve to get it sold.
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  3. Yeah, I got barely anything though... Nothing compared to the £16K this has cost me so far. Sometimes you've got to draw a line under it but I'll give it a week to see if anyone is interested before I eBay it. Keen to avoid losing any more money on commission, etc...
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  4. Moons

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    Need to nominate a price please.
  5. How much though? I've got no idea what it's worth!
  6. davidoft

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    That’s quite rough to be honest even without the engine fire, how was it categorised by the insurance, is it break only?
  7. davidoft

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    I think £1k or under
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  8. I wouldn't think its worth any more than a rough project van if it comes without interior, needing lots of welding and with knackered engine. £2k
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  9. Surely more than that? The gearbox alone cost more than that!
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  10. You would be better selling the engine and gearbox separately to the shell. Pop top worth something too.
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  11. If you look on here or eBay at resto jobs and compair yours , yes the engine bay etc needs sorting but if you open to offers then maybe eBay ? But it my scare jo Huggins off? I would think @davidoft and others in the know of this type of situation will or could give you a rough idea ? GLWS
    sad that the fire has happened but maybe you could get it restored or do some stuff on it ?? Perhaps not @davidoft then :D
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  12. davidoft

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    They’re always worth more in bits, the gearbox is a £600 box, and with the engine fire abs being unable to drive it that’s still a gamble , it basically needs everything, welding , engine rebuild and it’s on the insurance register, the good bits , door( rotten) sliding door(rotten) tailgate ( rotten) engine ( been in a fire ) gearbox probably ok, interior actually has little value as it will fall apart on removal, shell has little value due to insurance claim, not much left after that, try eBay but I would b surprised if it went above £1k
  13. I assume as your saying you didn’t get much from insurance , you didn’t have agreed valuation? Just out of interest what did the insurance give as market value ? Is that 16 k your valuation or what you paid plus stuff you have added?
    IMO you might be better off asking for some resto prices ? At least you would have a bus and get the things that you’ve paid good money for back? Starting again could cost you more ? Maybe ?
  14. Yeah, it’s not pretty... I paid £10k for it (stupidly 12months ago). I’ve spent £6k on gearbox, new set of carbs, electrics, interior, etc... Restos are quoting between £15-20k. That’s without fixing up the engine and getting it back on the road. As I can’t work on it myself, I’d rather just draw a line under it and move on. If £2k is all I can get all in, that’s what I get. Insurance valued it at £5k.

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  15. Where are you getting your resto prices ? Are they bare metal full upholstery ?
  16. A few different firms, but exterior bare metal. I got one in nearer £10k but it just seemed too cheap compared to the others to take seriously, and I suspected the extras would add up. Anyway, I don’t have enough money to do it and just need this nightmare out of my life!

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  17. I think there are good people that might not charge that but .........Fair doos . Stick your price up n take ya chance then , good luck :thumbsup:
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  18. Thanks!
  19. Good luck mate anyway :thumbsup:
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