1977 Bay Window hightop

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  1. Yes please, thanks :)
  2. Zed

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    Mostly, but some newer replacement heads (last 10-15 years) take different plugs. Best take one out to check.
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  3. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    This is also a description of cheap electronic ignition modules breaking down. You could try some points to check that.
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  4. Interesting - are there any recommended replacement ones? Might as well change that whilst I'm at it

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  5. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    Pertronix used to be reliable but apparently not so good these days and to be frank - over priced at £100+. There might be nothing wrong with your existing module which is why I suggested popping a cheap set of points in to check. If the points cure your running problem you'll know your module is toasted. Generally speaking the most agreed on solution is a 123 distributor but it's quite expensive... then again for what you get it's better value than a pertronix II ignitor module.
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  6. I`ve tried quite a few in my hunt for `as-good-as-it-gets-without-going-down-the-spendy-123-route`....
    Accuspark and its siblings are about as basic as you get but sort of work until it doesn`t and Pertronix have had their day .
    Lumenition is as good as it gets to be honest , and that`s not just because i`ve got my `spare` for sale in the classifieds . As soon as it was fitted the tickover smoothed out and pickup was noticeably smoother - just saying ...
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  7. Hi guys -

    I spent some time rewiring the coi9l - all the wires were joined with plastic blocks and one was even just twisted around with masking tape holding it together.

    Unfortunately, I've mixed up one of the coil wires and I think I've fried the electronic ignition as I took the dizzy cap off to investigate and it smelt very much of burnt electronics! I may have done myself a favour looking at the above suggestions so I'm binning the electronic ignition and fitting points. They seem easy enough to get but the condensers seem to be square or round hole - is that referring to the little rubber grommet?

    Also - I'd just like to check the wiring to and from the coil is right now before I fit the new stuff:

    There are 3 terminals on the positive side:

    one goes near to the distributer
    one goes back into the loom above it
    one goes to the carb

    there are 2 terminals on the negative side

    they seem to be green and black and they both go into a cable shroud.

    Does this seem correct?
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  8. 77 Westy

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    There should be one connection on the coil negative – green to the distributor.
    Three on the coil positive – black from the ignition switch, black to the carbs and black to the reversing lights fuse.
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  9. Ah - the negative and positive come from an electric ignition module and I've mixed them up on the coil.

    Thanks a lot - I wonder why it goes to the reversing lights fuse?
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  10. JamesLey

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    It's just a convenient connection to take 12v from for the reversing lights.
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  11. Made a start on converting the bus back to points ignition today. Turns out I bought the wrong condensor as my dizzy has a round grommet and the condensor has a square one.

    However - the electronic ignition module has a positive and negative wire going to it. I'll just use the negative to attach to the new points but what should I do with the positive? Is it just a switchable live that can be removed?

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  12. JamesLey

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    Most electronic ignitions just connect directly to the coil +ve and -ve, so if you've removed that then the condensor just needs hooking up to the coil -ve.
  13. 77 Westy

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    If you mean the supply from the ignition switch it remains connected to the coil positive. When you retrofit points the electronic module complete with its positive and negative cables is removed.
    You know that VW black cables are positive I suppose? You probably fried the electronic module by connecting black to black – there should have been three VW black cables on the coil positive with a red from the module.

  14. Yes that's what happened. I should've checked more carefully. I could smell the burnt module when I took the dizzy cap off!

    I'll order a new condenser today and then hopefully I can get it running again.
  15. Never mind - deleted as I have the information I need :)
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  16. I got it running again! For a bit...

    So it ran pretty well and allowed me to rev it up a bit. I held the throttle steady at about 3k and it was fine then back fired and cut out. Wouldn't start for a while (not even a cough) and then started again for a bit.

    I took the fuel hose off the car and popped it into an empty can. Got my wife to turn the engine over and a bit of a splash of fuel came out then nothing at all (there's at least 10 litres in the fuel tank)

    I'm used to playing with high pressure electronic fuel pumps that would be chucking loads and loads out in a similar situation. What should I expect from the T2 in this situation? I'm suspecting fuel pump at this point

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  17. MorkC68

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    What’s the fuel flow like from tank outlet? Is that clear and letting a decent amount of fuel out.
  18. Do you mean if I just take the pipe off and let it drip?

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  19. Chrisd

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    It could be the pump or it could be crud in the tank. It has been know for labels or other floating stuff in the tank to intermittently block the outlet. The flow from a tank should be quite strong, not just and old man's dribble :p
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  20. Baysearcher

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    From the tank it should just come out with gravity. 10l will pi** out.
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