FOR SALE 1975 RHD Aussie Bay

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  1. yes, those front bars spoil the look of the van and while they may have been for keeping kangaroos away, they are not appropriate here for safety reasons. remove them and the van should sail away.
  2. Im same about roo bars too they do seem quite wide , as said someone who wants it could take them off but.....................I think you will sell it if you put it in the right place it’s a nice bus .
  3. I have an Aussie bus and I agree with Barney regarding the bars
    Perhaps there just a bit overwhelming

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  4. It’s only 4 bolts :D
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  5. People laugh at me cos I’m different, I laugh at them because they are all the same ;)
  6. Lovely camper - good luck with the sale.
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  7. Re your 'never failed an mot' description, the mot history shows a series of Fails and the mileage records are all over the place.
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  8. Edited. Meant van passed every year since owning it. Clear mistakes when mileage keyed at time of mot they’ve keyed all the numbers on the speedo as you can see from below it makes sense if you remove the last digit.

    2010 - 94529
    2011 - 94536
    2012 - 95022
    2013 - 95394
    2014 - 99079
    2015 - 2236(5) all numbers keyed by mot tester
    2016 - 4210
    2017 - 4524(4) all numbers keyed by mot tester.

    Now sitting around 4770 on the clock. This is in km’s

    Thanks for picking up on the mistakes. Would at no point try to mislead anyone.
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  9. Apart from the one that that wiper mech I sold you came from. I think it must have been a special order van. Westie with the jimmy hill chin spare wheel mount, the export code on the mplate showed a military base or something similar if I remember correctly. Wasn't the usual Ramsgate code.
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  10. New curtains and buddy seat cushions made and fitted.
    59807A9F-5F43-45E5-8B54-78F0446C15DF.jpeg 9C494CC0-9684-48AE-9472-CC3FD7E7BCCE.jpeg 1FAF14BA-5041-4BC6-8223-C4CFB816A7B0.jpeg
  11. Merlin Cat

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    It looks a very tidy van to me :). I agree with the others about the roo bars. It will appeal to some folk but I think more without. You could always take them off and say it comes with, if wanted.
    This was a bit like when you split with a partner and afterwards one friend says I never liked them, then once it’s been said once all others join in :)

    GLWS . :)
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  12. People are right about the roo bars
    If you take them off and give the camper it’s cute face back it will be more attractive to a wider audience.

    It looks a very nice bus good luck with the sale mate
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  13. Glad I started something :rolleyes:
    It wouldn't be me waiting for a split before saying "I didn't like them anyway" though ... They'd have found out much sooner :D
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  15. Out of curiosity is the soon to be new owner keeping the roo bars on?
  16. Funnily enough it’s a 50/50 split between the lady and her partner. One loved them the other would like to remove them.
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  17. PIE


    Are you sure its Niagra, looks like the OZ only and in my eyes best LB colour, flipper blue!!
  18. I love the one I’ve got to go on mine

    Hope you tell the new owners about tlb and don’t be a stranger dude
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  19. It’s original colour was flipper blue. Still flipper blue on the inside. Niagara blue on the outside.

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