FOR SALE 1975 RHD Aussie Bay

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    1975 Aussie Import Bay Camper

    New £2000 2l type 4 Vege Engine Aprox 4000km

    Twin Dell 40 carbs

    CSP Bell Crank Linkages

    Bespoke Interior

    New Headliner

    New Pop Top Canvas

    The time has come for us to sell our 1975 Aussie Bay. We have owned and loved ‘Spencer’ since 2013. The previous owner had imported it from Perth Australia a few years prior and had it registered in the UK. I’ll add as much information and pictures as possible. Further information or detailed pictures can be emailed on request.


    Our Bay spent over 30 years in the dry climate of Western Australia. Truly remarkable example of an original solid Bay Camper.

    Although the camper had been well looked after & resprayed when we purchased it we have made further improvements over the years to keep it at its best whilst keeping it as original as possible.

    I have spent thousands of pounds over the years which I don’t expect to get back but it has been well worth every penny and allowed us to travel around the Scottish Highlands and Scottish isles in style.

    We have also used our Bay to drive friends to and from their wedding venues. This is also a potential business opportunity
    for the future owner.

    Our van has been featured in The Volkswagen Camper & Commercial Magazine Titled ‘The Stuff Of Dreams’.
    It’s second article is due to be published in the August edition of the Scottish Caravans & Motorhomes Magazine.

    Our plan when we bought Spencer was to replace the dated interior, headliner & Pop Top canvas. This was all done before our first trip away. Hours and hours have been spent on improvements. I’ll list as much information below as I can.

    We have travelled far and wide all over Scotland & The Scottish Isles.



    Niagara Blue Bottom
    Pastel White Top

    Australian Sopru Pop Top
    (New Nylon Rollers)

    New Pop Top Canvas C/W Fly Nets & Waterproof Zips

    Aussie Roo Bars

    5 Powder Coated Steel Wheels & Max Tread Tyres

    Chrome Hub Caps

    Two Bow Roof Rack

    Side Safety Gas Bottle Access


    Bespoke Interior Fitted in 2015

    C/W Smev Sink, Hob & Grill. Unique Pop Up 240v Electrics. Buddy Toilet Seat, Storage Cupboards, Storage Nets & Overhead Locker.

    Cupboard Sensor Lighting

    Double Rock n Roll Bed

    240v Electric Supply with 12v Adaptors Fitted

    12v Leisure Battery Via Split Charge Relay

    Propex Gas Heater

    2 Ambulance Fresh Air Fans

    Rear 3 Point Seat Belt

    Rear Lap Belt

    New Lined Curtains & Cushions

    Insulated & Silent Coat Sound Deadening

    New Door & Wall Cards

    Wood Effect Lino Flooring

    2 x LED Reading Lights

    CD Player

    New Sliding Door Seal

    New Tailgate Seal

    New Rear Window Seal

    2 x JK Side Sliding Windows Fitted & New Seals Fitted

    Matching Interior Bunk Boards & Cushions


    NEW £2000 2l Type 4 Vege Engine Aprox 4000km

    Twin Dell Carbs with CSP Bell Crank Linkages

    New Starter Battery (2018)

    Electronic Distributer

    Buttys Bits Throttle Linkage

    Regular Oil Changes

    Gear oil Changed

    Fuel Filter Replaced

    Replace Fuel Lines & Breathers including Filler Pipe.

    ********No Fuel Smells******

    Dipstick Rubber Boot Replaced

    Oil Temp Dip Stick Replaced


    Full Box of History and documents dating back to it’s time in Australia and I’ve kept all my Documents and receipts that I’ve received. I have a black book with all the parts purchased and jobs completed.

    Tax Exempt

    Will be sold with 12 Months MOT

    We are Located in Dalgety Bay, Fife, Scotland.

    Happy to collect potential buyers from the closest Rail or Bus Station if they are travelling a distance.











    Any Questions please ask.
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  2. Is my ad informative enough?

    I appreciate most people on here already own a bay (or other lesser quality Vw Camper models). I’ve just used the same information on car and classic , gumtree and a local forum.

    Any advice appreciated.
  3. Looks stunning and seems like a good price to me. The impression is that it’s a well cared for and sorted van ready to go. Good luck.

    After reading it are you not tempted to keep it?
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  4. It’s got more info than mine on Car and Classic did. One thing I did get was folk asking if they could have photos of the underneath of the vehicle. You could always ad a few extra photos of underside, and of the engine bay. I’m not sure that you’re selling at the right time but that’s just because I believe a lot of folk are looking for these before the camping season starts. That, I hasten to add, is just my opinion. I tried to sell mine a few years ago, with ads on here, JK and ear.lybay. No one was much interested from those ads tbh.
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  5. If I were you I’d get it to a biggish show ,where people can see it and feel the love . Nice bus glws as said pics of us will help and maybe a camping one or two
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  6. FF8921F5-3B18-4D61-9C34-A986591E4403.jpeg FBF1A990-56AB-4FED-B4A2-D1A50CC194AC.jpeg
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  7. Will get engine & underside up soon.
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  8. C308174F-3E11-4E2A-8022-FE289D286CC5.jpeg A34335D0-A649-4C09-ADC9-FFCD3E1A028C.jpeg 599AFC31-F65F-465E-B835-C4626AF29F64.jpeg DF95D41B-26EF-4595-B34F-910CF4CA89CF.jpeg 46B57DE7-AF68-4800-8F03-10BEC857B418.jpeg F54F4036-144B-436D-9B07-BEECE5A7FB35.jpeg 96DF62F5-767D-43D0-AC03-FC66A9A433A7.jpeg 1418442D-51FE-4BCD-910A-C91F7866A67C.jpeg 320FCA6F-BA53-4190-BED1-22E4F73BABB0.jpeg 87428E51-A008-4332-BD1C-5A9ADAFFF47E.jpeg
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  9. Would love to keep it.
    Felt I needed to be realistic with the price.
    Would love to see all these vans asking around £25k and see how they compare. I’m sure mines would be up there.
    It’s been a dream come true to own, travel in and work on. Someone else’s turn now.
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  10. What’s the deal with the engine bay chassis number ?
  11. Bottom left? I believe Aussie bays have it stamped in two locations. One being in the engine bay. Aussie bay owners will be able to clarify.
  12. It looks like a piece of steel spot welded over where the number on a Euro bus would be . I’ve no idea what if any difference Aussie bays were ?
  13. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Aussie busses have a plate as per the one in the photo.
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  14. Thanks for clarifying that. I had been given the same information in the past but couldn’t find the thread to highlight the details. Much appreciated.
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  15. If I didn't already have a bus, that's the kind I would go for.
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  16. ^^^^ As above from baysearcher

    Might have been funnier if they had fitted the plate upside down. :D
  18. A lovely bus!
    This might just be me, but if I were selling it I would lose the front bars ...
    I think they distract, and don't fit with what I imagine is most prospective buyers' idea of what these buses are like.
    (Too much hockey goalkeeper, not enough cute faced newest member of the family that'll enjoy camping in it!)
    I know they could chose to remove them themselves if that's the case but I think it's making your ad like driving with the handbrake on ....
    Shoot me down anyone?
    Wish you GLWS :thumbsup:
    PS ... maybe a little less about the costs of running? ("hope my wife doesn't find it ..." etc)

    Had another thought, which might seem picky, but buyers are like that, particularly at the moment ... Different hub caps in some photos.
    I have a good friend who has made a study of this kind of thing and they would say that something small like that can sew a seed of doubt ... and they won't even necessarily realise what triggered it.
    Put more basically, if they're getting the nice caps don't include the standard ones ;)
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  19. Nice bus, only just noticed the wipers swing the other way, is this on all Aussie vans? Would think the Aussies don't like 'swinging the other way'!
  20. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Yep, they’re the only rhd buses that have the wipers going the correct way.

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