1975 Bay RHD for renovation price reduction - £1200 ono

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by zedders, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. Excellent, I like buses with personal touches, too many magnolia prototype Westy's about for my liking. :D
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  2. Its about time to do some updates I was Phil over the weekend to lend a hand and get things going again - A new front panel is now all done and he has made a good job of it -repaired the roof section over the sliding door and have cut out all the rot over the rear window on the o/side - He has filled the old sunroof hole and i shrunk it back for him - The tailgate is all done with the caddy logo - both cab doors are nearly ready for new skins - All in Phil is making a good job of his 1st project and i am happy to help him every step of the way .
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  3. :TTIWWP:
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  4. I was wondering how/if Phil was getting on with it. :)
  5. dog


    Get him to stick a resto thread up!
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  6. He is a bit slow but he did get married last year he has collected a fair few bits he wants go with the same roof as Gladys which is cool

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