1974 westy

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  1. Hi, the connector you show is a standard US spec. 110V "Edison" really only for the feeble US 110V system not our more dangerous 220/240V European system. Having said that I have on occasion been naughty and stuffed 240V down a 110V line with no I'll effects but I would change the connector and the wiring to correctly rated gear. One option I am looking at is using the following type of connector s as they are tiny for the power rating.
    Have fun and keep safe
  2. Thank you, looked good. Almost like an EV.

    Finally my homemade rear hatch tent is done now :)



  3. Nice bus! Where in Sweden are you? im close to Malmo...
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  4. Hi Clive! Thanks, Close to Stockholm.
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  5. rear tent looks ace! :)
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  6. Like that tent a lot!

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