1974 westy

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  1. First ride of the year :) spring time in Sweden
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  2. The rest of us are all in lock down, therefore it's your responsibility to do enough camping to keep us all going!
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    ^ this :thumbsup:
  4. enjoy! :D
  5. Git. In a nice way
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    Have a good one @Rickard M :) I’m a bit jealous!
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  7. @Rickard M
    I like your rear box can you tell me more about it please?

    Does it attach to a tow bar?
    Can you buy them nowadays or was it an original item?
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  9. Hi, it is for my awning tent. yes at attach to the tow hook. You can see some more pictures on my Instagram rm_engrg https://www.instagram.com/p/B-Ax8uKjdlE/?igshid=1x7tgn3au9uvt
    It is a Box from the hardware store. The bottom is reinforced. It seems rubust enough, after my hard testride with full load :)
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  10. Lovely bus. Exciting. I’m jaffa with envy.
  11. @Rickard M just realised why I recognise your jaffa bus from instagram,you should show them your other bus!
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  12. Correct colour :thumbsup:
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  13. Thank you all! :)
    Maybe someone here could help me identify my car electric connector. The seemed homemade adapter I have today have seen better days and need replacement. Since the car is U.S spec. I need a Female connector looking as the picture, never seen one like that before, Then I will fix it togheter with a euro male... ebay or amazon link please, don't know what to search for...
  14. Does this connector plug into the side of the Bus thru a small hood, it's for the hookup, yes?
  15. Yes! Black Hood on the driver lower side. Don't want to change hookup Box on the car, just make new cord.
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  16. What mains voltage do you use in Sweden?

    the US spec installation is 110V and unless you have converted it, may not be up to the voltage increase. I had that issue with our US Westy.
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  17. The hookup on my US spec Bus was very basic, the fridge had already been disconnected as the element was 110v and would have quickly burnt out. I thought it best to bring it up to modern standard with RCD etc. My Bus is an older model, the later ones might have chargers etc.
  18. ours sounded like it was similar to yours, RCD and disconnected cables.

    I added the JK hookup kit, perfect for what we need and it fit with no issues!
  19. We use 220, the car have been in Sweden since 1975. The previous owner, a very careful gentleman who worked for insurance company, have been in the instruction book and changed with mark pen on all places X 110 and wrote 220 :thumbsup:
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