FOR SALE 1974 LHD 2.0 Westfalia T2 Campervan Californian Import

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by Stereophoney, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. I honestly don't mind LHD's. it's always me that does the driving when were abroad. I even had to do all the driving when we went to Florida with all 5 kids screaming with excitement in the back!! That took some doing though!! It's my OH that doesn't like it but I think I may be winning him around, lots more positive posts needed guys please;)
  2. Mine is also LHD and it really is not a problem. Just makes it look more exotic.
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  3. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    This arguement always comes up when someone says they / their partner doesnt want a leftie.
    My response is always the same:
    We drive on the LHS in the UK so we consequently drive RHD vehicles. Thats just how it is.
    They are out there. If you want a RHD, wait for a RHD.
    There are of course advantages and disadvantages to LHD but the advantages only really count when driving on the continent. (thats why we drive on the left)
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  4. The main issue I had driving the lefty over here was overtaking, nearly 3 years on and I'm still waiting to overtake something ;)
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  5. DaisyJuckes When you do your grand tour of Europe you will find the LHD quite handy
  6. For maybe 50 miles till you breakdown :p
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  7. Sorry it's taking me a while to give you any response Stereophoney. I've not had chance to sit OH down and show him all the other photos and info. He was at football training on Monday with one of the boys and then out till very late last night celebrating St George's day!! Hopefully get five mins with him tonight!!!!;)
  8. No problem DaisyJuckes you take your time :), it's a big decision to make
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  9. Ellie this looks a definite possibility if you two can do a deal
  10. I'm in ;)
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  11. Tonight, I may actually get to have a conversation with Ian!!!!!
  12. IMHO with your budget you have a choice between LHD or rust.
    Overtaking is no problem at all unless you're one of those who sits up the arse of the vehicle you want to pass. You'll need a run up anyway to gather speed so visibility is no problem at all. The only time it can be awkward is if your side is blocked by a parked lorry (you can see over the cars). A small inconvenience to avoid this...
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  13. The only problem I have ever had with a LHD is embarrassment :eek:

    When you first get one, walk up to it parked and get in the side without the steering wheel.
    Its even worse in a bay cos people seem to be watching it :D so you look like a double twonk
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  14. Did it today! ... and yesterday :(
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  15. Another vote for LHD. By far the best way to travel.

    Never had a problem driving it.
  16. Still for sale people, open to offers too ;)

    I forgot to mention that it's a walk through model with captains seat too
  17. were still considering your lovely bus Stereophoney :thinking: Still trying to win my old man round to a lefty!!
  18. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Sounds to me like your old man is the sensible one!
  19. If you for a lefty, you drive it and buy the other half one of those kids stick on, clip on pretend steering wheels.
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  20. Right then, she's just flew through the mot with a small advisory for a windscreen chip which it's had since I've owned it ;)

    So it's currently sorned with 12 months ticket £7000 ono

    Sadly as much as I don't want to sell her she has to go and fairly quickly

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