FOR SALE 1974 LHD 2.0 Westfalia T2 Campervan Californian Import

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  1. It's with an almighty heavy heart that the decision has been made to sell our beloved Lulu so I'm having a little test of the water

    2.0 litre LHD manual 1974 Californian imported Westfalia in jaffa

    I've done so much work to this bus I couldn't even begin to explain it all, sadly the original westy interior was destroyed by a previous owner so I did my best to rebuild it copying from the original.

    It's an extremely solid bus with a nice few jobs already done 547398_10151585777049245_394450272_n.jpg 526745_10151767604980615_416258483_n.jpg
    206007_10150344761634245_5206153_n.jpg $(KGrHqQOKosE4uH7ts,vBONTFKqi-w~~0_12.jpg 297589_10150343805629245_3908622_n.jpg 376644_10150478884619245_1487941585_n.jpg 385910_10150483594094245_509725937_n.jpg
    It has a full width re covered rock and roll bed with fire retardant foam
    New panelling covered in vinyl
    Oil temp gauge fitted
    I completely repainted the cargo floor due to a moron with hacksaw who bodged a hole in the floor, welded up and sorted.
    Complete split charge system with a leisure battery, interior light, 240v sockets that run from an inverter plus a 12v socket
    Dab radio headunit with amplified 6x9's
    New battery tray welded in
    New rear window seals
    Rebuilt front brake calipers
    Electric washer bottle

    I realise the proof is in the pics and with that in mind I'll be looking to sell it for £7000 with 12 months mot ( currently un mot'd just out of hibernation )

    There are a couple of spots still in primer where repairs have been carried out but they would soon blow in with a matched spray can or pro job, a couple of grand spent on a paint job and you would be looking at a 12-13k bus

    This is not even a fraction of what I've spent but due to work commitments it's just not getting the use and love it deserves and I'm sure there is someone out there who can give it more than we can.

    I have loads more pics and loads more info if anyone is interested, you can contact me through private message here or my email and I can send more pics if required

    The van is in Gloucester
  2. No one ??
  3. This could be just that ;)
  4. Ohhhhhhh it looks lovely!!!!!!! Why can I not win the flaming lottery????? Anyone fancy lending me £1k? ;)
  5. You interested Daisy ?
  6. Great price ,lovely van :thumbsup:
  7. It is a lovely van it just needs a little more tlc, it's gutting to have to let it go :(
  8. DaisyJuckes if you are serious maybe we could strike a deal ;)
  9. Think she's at bus types this weekend :thumbsup:
  10. Ah right I hear ya, wish I was there too :(
  11. A few more pics for those who may be interested

    424530_10150729698504245_185741059_n.jpg 301529_10150345513784245_3339624_n.jpg 284234_10150329614104245_7696624_n.jpg 282486_10150329614134245_6718810_n.jpg
  12. Loads more pics taken if anyone wants them :)
  13. Had a fair bit of interest today in the van and the same theme keeps coming up

    I would be willing to take an offer on the van so feel free to make one, I'm not easily offended ;)
  14. Hi Stereophoney I'm trying to convince my OH to consider a lefty, would you mind sending me the other photographs you've taken?!
  15. Not sure what happened there my message dissapeared.

    DaisyJuckes if you pm me your email i'll send you a link to photobucket as there are far too many pics to send in an email.


  16. DaisyJ - don't worry about a left hooker, give it 15 mins driving and you will forget about it cos' your having so much fun! My better half was worried to begin with - but can't keep her from the keys now !!
  17. ^^^^^^^ What he said ;)
  18. DaisyJuckes don't worry about LHD. When it is on your driveway awaiting repair, it does not matter what side the Steering wheel is on and when you are driving, you will be going so slow you will have all the time in the world to check junctions etc ! :thumbsup:
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  19. DaisyJuckes I bought my 1974 Californian import LHD a few months ago - don't worry about the LHD - it only took me a few drives to get used to it and now I actually prefer it to my RHD daily drive.

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