FOR SALE 1973 VW Bay Window Camper Project - £1500

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by burntout, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. that is cheap very cheap come on people - Also why dont you pop it on Gumtree
  2. Bloody cheap! And am sure we will live to regret it however other needs more pressing at the moment! Not thought about gumtree - cheers Dale - got to be worth a go - is it easy to use?
  3. Yes bud very easy - i am going to mail my nephew about you van he may well be interested .
  4. Cheer bud.
  5. redoxide

    redoxide Guest

    Its definately a bargain considering what asking price for complete rust buckets... definately a great start point looking at the underside, looks pretty solid and un messed with.. It was to expensive for me to get it to Scotland ( £1500) so had to stop thinking about it, would have been a no brainer if I was in your neck of the woods..
  6. Its very good underneath, far better than some i have seen on the road with a mot on!!!!!!

    Shame its no good for you location wise :( hope you find what your looking for ;-)
  7. MAy be interested. Can you pm me your number
    regards Jay
  8. looks much to good to break, stuck it on my facebook for you. might get some luck there :)
  9. Cheers buddy - much too good to break and we haven't got the time to at the moment anyway!
  10. £1000 takes it away - final price - no offers - grab the bargain of the day!
  11. I can't believe no ones bagged this yet! Would make a great project for someone!
  12. Wish we knew why - breaking our hearts! The longer it drags on the worse it is. Its a bloody BARGAIN! We are losing money on it to what we paid for it, as well as the fact we have also started work on it! (Aaaaargh - Going to sit in the corner and sob ............... no I ain't, its not worth it!) Life goes on!
  13. Sold - He has just gone on the back of the truck to his new home :) and is going to be saved! :) Our perserverence and loss has paid off! :(

    He went without his boat - not such a bad thing with the weather round here of late, but on a serious note, if anyone wants it, free to a good home but got to be quick otherwise an outboard is going to be put on it and it setting sail to Poptop! :lol: (Like a message in a bottle)
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