FOR SALE 1973 VW Bay Window Camper Project - £1500

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  1. First £1000 takes it - he has to go ASAP!

    Well Noah is up for sale as we don't have the time or funds to continue with him :( However it does mean Stig will get finished :)

    With this bus you know exactly what you have got, unlike all those you part with £5k plus for to find out their rotten and full of
    filler, and need more work than this one.

    1973 VW Bay Window Camper Van.

    40 years service history.

    Original dormobile seats with a built in cooker.

    Palomino roof complete with all of its cupboards providing you with masses of storage.

    However if that is not to your liking then we also have a bit of solid roof section to go with it so you can change the roof
    to what you would like.

    Underside of the bus is very solid.

    Includes all the glass and good rubbers.

    No engine due to previous engine fire.

    DOES HAVE: Gearbox and running gear.

    Currently SORN.

    The first picture is as it arrived to us earlier this year, before we started to work on it.

    We have posted this picture to show you how it looks complete with the roof on and windows in as at the moment the
    roof is of and the windows out.


    And as he sits now under his cover:








    He is on the Isle of Wight. Just a ferry trip away. ;D

    Please save him before he gets broken - he really is too good to break, especially with 40 years service history.

    Rough idea of welding work required, is front panel, deformation panel, arches, doors, sills, and corners. The normal really. Plus an engine and the electrics sorting. Say the bottom 6 inches all round at worse case. To be fair he needs less work than Stig the bus we are doing does, but Stig is tax exempt and this one isn't hence being the one to go. :( The underneath is solid so minimal work will be required here.
  2. Someone give him a loving home again please.

    Really don't want to have to break him but he is in the way and we need him gone asap.

  3. Poptop2

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  4. Poptop2

    Poptop2 Moderator

    i need front and chair sides rubbber matts
  5. Isuppose the location doesn't help for any prospective buyer. :(
  6. The ferries aren't that expensive - its funny tho isn't it, you put an ad up for breaking him and everyone says you can't do that = he is much too good, so you put an ad up for sale to try to save him - and guess what no interest :mad:

    Could of had him cut up and out the way by now, but hey at least we can say we have more than tried. The grinder it will be then unless anyone steps forward before we get time. :'(

    SJ - thats not aimed at you at all by the way :p still :thinking: about that offer - does it still stand? Just had masses going on and not sure if coming or going. :-

    He really is too good to break! Had one person view him and they couldn't believe just how solid he is but unfortunately can't find anywhere to store him whilst work done. Don't you think about that before you look at a project. :thinking: >:D rub salt into wound comes to mind :lol:

    Thanks for your comments tho guys - appreciated - I think :laugh2:
  8. TTT Grab a bargain project now! ;D
  9. Are you open to offers? Someone i know is looking for a project and he goes to the IOW every couple of weeks. I'll ask him and get back to you.
  10. Not really - it is an absolute bargain at £1500, pictures don't really do it justice. But is a very good project for someone.

    Would have to be a very very close offer.
  11. Bump - Nice project for the new year. :)
  12. redoxide

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    what would the price be without the funky roof and interior? how difficult is it to get it from the isle of white to the mainland,, getting it to Scotland after that would be the next logistical issue ( and expense)

    when you say it needs sills is it inner and outer? hows the outriggers and jacking points, battery tray, rear cross member, front chassis etc..

    cheers for now
  14. rickyrooo1

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    fair play for trying to save it matey gotta say you've carried on when many would have given up, that's the trouble with being too honest! what you need is to e-bay it so it finishes around midnight on a weekend so all the drunks have a bid - that's how poptop got lumbered......... oh yeah and you could flash some boobage.
  15. Plenty of boobage on Mrs B who I am sure I can persuade to flash some off, if it meant selling this! ;)

    And its worth saving more than you could ever believe Rik - the pictures do it no justice at all! And we are being honest as you like their, its a honest bus worth saving and being honest about - Stig - the westie we are doing instead is a lot more work than this one - but its a westie and tax exempt! :)
  16. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    i know little about vans bodywork wise but i gotta admit i agree - i've seen some right crap on the resto threads that people bought at twice that money and then threw 5 grand at! good luck - shame it isn't tax exempt - bet it would have gone easy - amazing what people will do for a free bit of paper!
  17. I know people that pay more for less solid vans, we are one of them with our westy ::)

    If this doesn't sell it will get pushed in the workshop when Stig is done and I will molest it into somthing fun, I had a measure up and if I roof chop it and turn it into a double cab pickup, I've almost got enough roof to fill the hole, I hope someone will save it as it is too good to cut up just because I can, but if i'm stuck with it I will turn it into something cool or maybe a trailer to match Stig :thinking: O0
  18. Anyone fancy making a sensible offer for him? It seems things are going to be changing a lot round here in the next few months and we really need him out the way now (and some cash lol).

  19. £1350
  20. First £1100 takes it - he has to go ASAP!

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