1973 RHD Auto Westfalia Continental. £6400

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  1. Due to now owning a narrowboat, I've decided to have a go at selling the camper... I'm not desperate to sell, so needs to be to the right person. Details at the following blog, as too much info and pics to put on here...

    brief Summary: 1973 Westy Continental. RHD. Automatic. Front-lifting roof with bed in. Green and White. Propex. 1700 engine (with twin carbs etc). Mechanically very sound. Underneath very sound. Bodywork tidy, but needs attention in places. Comes with large number of spares (inc spare auto box), books, manuals and a days "Techenders" style training on maintenance if you want. Tax till August, MOT July (will put 12 months on if full price is paid)


    Any questions?

    Rob. 0777 5517431. No time-wasters. If you don't have the funds, look elsewhere. She is NOT a show winner. Will need new doors and a respray if you want that sort of vehicle.







  2. no way, you've had this ages. You can't go camping in a narrowboat...

    and is that cousin It on the buddy seat?

    Good luck Rob
  3. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    woah woah.....you can't sell it for a narrowboat....if it's a westy simply invert it and bob's your uncle, surely you saw top gear?

    seriously though good luck, i love the 1st post selling things..... welcome to the site :lol:
  4. Was a member on here before, but for some reason it had forgotten my details.... To be fair, probably haven't posted in a year or so.
  5. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    chill mate i'm only kidding - no offence meant, but seriously did you see top gear? they used a T25 but i reckon you could do it.
  6. No offence taken :)

    Yes, saw the Top Gear T25... they should've gone with an early air-cooled T25 to avoid overheating...!

    Bit more space in my boat though ;)

  7. Wooooow that's a beauty!! One of my dreams that i haven't fullfiled yet. Happy cruising. Plenty 3 point turns with her ay!! 8)
  8. Nice boat/ship fido ,good luck with the westy sale .... O0
  9. Well I never - beat me to the boat then. :)
  10. Price reduced. Now £6400.

  11. More photos of interior added on blog page.
  12. Any more pics of your cruise liner? :D
  13. 15 more photos of underneath and exterior of camper added :)
  14. provisionally sold :)
  16. You might well be seeing it again... It's going to Cambridge. Have recommended you as a good place to get it serviced / sprayed etc.. :)

    Real gut wrench to let it go. Need the ££ tho.. Movin house to Ramsey area if we can sell our place.

    Will keep in touch :)
  17. all the best with your new adventure... O0

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