FOR SALE 1973 RHD 2ltr Devon T2, tax exempt

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by Lardy, Aug 22, 2015.

  1. Bump for Wednesday :)
  2. It said sold t'other day - no joy then dude?
  3. Didn't turn up with money after they'd been to view and said they'd have it :(
    Still, atleast I might be able to use it for a while longer lol! ;)
  4. Oh bummer :( Well all the best for using then selling next time eh
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  5. Pm sent.
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  6. Is that Beryl Green paint i see?
  7. ....or the door handles!
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  8. Where are the door handles?? :oops:
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  9. Nooo, it's Birch Green :)
  10. I used to know a girl called Beryl Green - she'd be chuffed to think a colour was named after her!
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  11. Lol, if you wish ;)
  12. sold :)
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  13. Who's the lucky one?

    Your bus looked amazing in the photos from last weekend. :thumbsup:
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  14. Nobody as yet, just barneys humour after having such a good weekend ;)
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  15. I once had a camper that I restored, painted, changed poptop to a Dormobile and rebuilt the engine. It was always going to be a keeper. I went camping in it once then sold it to pay some bills. Any interest yet? It's a lovely looking van. :)
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  16. Not really buts kind of been a half hearted advertising effort by me tbh. Thanks for the comment Zed :)
    I've only advertised it on here and told a couple of people at local shows. Don't think I'll Ebay it either. If he doesn't go on here or local I'll be keeping :)
  17. image.jpeg Hi Lardy, I've got a 1970 crew cab RHD SA import MOT till Dec could put som cash with it if you interested let me have an email add and I'll ping you some photos
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  18. Nice! I have a couple of people interested mate at the moment but certainly food for thought :thumbsup:
  19. No longer for sale!! Have dry storage so will be keeping!!!!!! :beer:
    Mods please delete thread :)
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