FOR SALE 1973 RHD 2ltr Devon T2, tax exempt

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  1. Been thinking about this for a while now and with the Tea Room open I've been thinking about a crew cab for advertising purposes. Missus is a five star hotel type of gal and I feel the crew cab would be of more use to me.
    Just putting feelers out to see if anyone would be interested?
    I have a Devon pop top, '73 regd, tax exempt, 2ltr manual and rhd.
    Been resprayed from guttering down in April this year so really good condition.
    Also have pics from the resto if required.
    If no offers for swaps would consider selling at a price of £13500 ono, only to a good home. ;)
    Interior panels, buddy seat and cab seats by Delilah's, CSP shifter purchased and installed last month, overhead locker, side cabinets and table all made locally out of oak veneered engineered wood. I've recovered ply cut panels with auto material to add warm, easily removed to replace individual panels with matching ones like the cab. New stainless hub caps from the group buy. Spare has been resprayed and new tyre. Two other new tyres purchased last month.
    Leisure battery installed and ready to go with lighting inside the bus, pics below.
    Also has a full size awning and sleeping compartment I'm willing to put in.
    Bad bits,
    Rear hatch needs the spring hooked on so it stays up and mot stated there's a couple of small holes in the floor that may need attention, not near structure so passed. Just trying to be honest.
    PM for more details
    Saffron Walden near Cambridge.
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  2. [​IMG]
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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. [​IMG]
  5. Here's some more pics...
  6. Very nice bus
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  7. [​IMG]
  8. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  9. Thanks, maybe price is too low? ;)
  10. If the bus sells rather than swaps, there's also a six rib plus an extra T25 six rib going to be up for grabs.
    I've updated the main text with some more info too.
    Thanks for looking.
  11. Ha a family joke becomes reality father used to paint city scapes mainly pubs and the pubs almost always got sold on or painted I paint a picture of your bay and look !;);)
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  12. Pic will be staying with me ;)[​IMG]
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  13. Hmmm..straight swap for a crewcab you say? Are you looking for one with original dropsides or would you consider exotic canvas covered removable twin skin aluminium sleeping bunk conversion with long MOT?


    Just a thought too..not actually convinced I want to part with the Doka but too interested not to enquire
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  14. :( i didnt know it was that bad lard you only had to say , we dont need ta camp :D
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  15. Oooh!! More pics please?? And it's rhd? What year? Tax exempt??
  16. Not that bad mate lol! I've got a mahoosive tent!! :)
  17. She's a RHD UK van, '79 so a way to go before tax avoidance is legal I'm taking her to Retro Rides Gathering today so will try and grab more pics then. Interior wise very much work in progress - she's a practical truck used to support me and the Mrs body boarding hobby so I haven't bothered with fancy showy intetior in the cab as it'd get wrecked by sandy wetsuits and salty boards.
    Anyway, I'll do you pics tonight if you're still interested
  18. Thanks, I reckon I'll hang fire as I'm looking for something already done, don't really need another project.
    Thanks though:thumbsup:
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  19. No probs, was kinda regretting mentioning it anyway as I'm still loving owning a Doka! How long does it take before getting tired of folk asking where the rest of your camper is?
  20. .
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