FOR SALE 1969 Californian Import Deluxe/Camper

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by brianjbox, Jun 17, 2021.

  1. I would seriously consider giving one a try, you'll get a better Bus for the money :thumbsup:
  2. Sadly both my husband and I have driven quite a few left hand drive cars before and neither of us could get on with them, not even in Italy and France! A great shame.
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  3. That's fair enough, no point buying something you wouldn't be able to use. What about one from South Africa or Oz? They do get imported from right hand drive countries, a few owners here are like that :thumbsup:
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  5. *yes, agreed, sadly a moot point, in this case ;)
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  8. Mine is left hand drive ... the only thing different is having to change gear with your right hand .... its not as hard as it sounds.
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    I'm not going to pollute your sale thread with a big argument, but no it's not the same and you shouldn't mislead people with blanket statements like that. You are driving from the wrong position on the road, cannot see to overtake, you cannot see round left hand bends and the slider opens into the road, not onto the pavement... yes I have had one. It was ok, but not the same.
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    :lol: insults won't help your argument. Try this - if you think it's as safe to drive LHD as RHD on UK roads, it's your competence that's in question, not mine, unless you can see through hedges and walls with your x-ray vision.
  12. Thank you so much Brian for all the very helpful advice!
    Best wishes
  13. Yes, we're keeping a look out for both those thank you!
  14. Good advice above about South Africa ones :thumbsup:
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  15. I love that analogy! Although in my experience it's a lot trickier to see at junctions in this country if you don't have a co-pilot!
  16. I guess that makes me a really bad one then, I've obviously got a RH brain :D! We'd just like to relax when we finally get our dream bus and poodle along enjoying the scenery .
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    Same here, apart from changing gear with the window winder occasionally, it not a physical problem at all to mechanically drive it. I just object to you trying to get a sale, which is the only reason you are here, by making false statements about LHD on RHD roads. I don't worry, but I also do not wish to hit a cyclist/horse on a blind bend that I could see around RHD or have to drive around country roads at reduced speed because I care about other people. I'll draw you a diagram if you insist.

    I didn't sell mine because it was LHD either, I sold it because the early (1968) vents are too small for a 2.4L type-4 which I wanted, it was a tintop and I also had a RHD late with a poptop to finish so the money came in handy. I built a 135HP 2020cc wasser crank conversion type-1 for it, I'm not a slouch on the roads, I just don't want to hurt anyone or have to drive slower because I can't see around LH bends! :)

    BTW I did some checking and it is the bus I thought. I've worked on it and was good friends with the owner that had the engine built - she was going to build it herself (with my encouragement) but bottled out at the last min when she met the builder while having the rotating assembly balanced. She took me for a blast in it when it was done, I helped her fit it. Super smooth. :thumbsup: It's a nice bus, she was no fool. Ex army.
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  19. Let’s all agree that a lhd panel is terrifying on uk roads :thumbsup:

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