FOR SALE 1969 Californian Import Deluxe/Camper

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by brianjbox, Jun 17, 2021.

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  3. Zed


    Very nice. GLWTS.
    I think I may have known this bus a couple of owners ago, if it's the same one the engine is spanking.
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  5. Nice looking bus - a bargain for someone - GLWS
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  7. Day


    Nice looking bus for a good price.
    Good luck.
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  8. That is one lovely looking bus... and a very fair price. Someone will get themselves a proper good deal. GLWS
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  10. I also think you could well get more than £20k without taking the mickey.
    We had a Cali '70 Deluxe tin top, sold for £20k that some on here will tell you was "smart" with no welding, but was resprayed (albeit very well) and only a stock 1600 TP, no camping kit beyond the full r&r, no roof racks etc.
    When I was looking for a RHD replacement last year there were a LOT of work-needed buses for around the £18k mark, and a handful of excellent examples for between £22k and £25k.
    Just my tuppence worth.
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  11. That was a really nice bus, having seen it close up, there are not many of that calibre around!
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  12. That's a lot of bus for £20k.
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  13. I'm after a late bay, later the better.
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  14. Fresh recent pic's.
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  15. No one prepared to come over to the dark side :D
  16. Thats a nice bus mate but then im not suprised knowing you , Hope your keeping well :thumbsup:
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  17. I'm guessing here, not you Phil is it??
    Well I hope it is, don't know many from Surrey;)
  18. Hi Mate yes its me ;)
  19. I'm Glad and hope you're all well down there
  20. Kicking ourselves that we can't manage a left hand drive position, this is beautiful!!!!!

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