1400km. away from home

Discussion in 'Buying a VW Camper' started by holmsen, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. What to do guys ? No need for it, no room for it. But I've been up there twice, and the trip home in a "new" bay wintertime is like going on a happy drog of some kind O0
    And tbh, how hard would it be selling it when back home ?

  2. Looks pretty tidy, what do you guys do to keep them looking so well? I'd have thought all the snow and salt would turn them to a pile of rust in double quick time...
  4. I bid the asking price today, :)
  5. lol, go for it!!
  6. Could not help myselves ;)
  7. Terrordales

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    Well done
  8. that is so cheap, if its nice and solid and runs then it is an absolute bargain. And here I was thinking that everything in Scandinavia was so expensive - I guess its just the beer though...

    That would be so cool, a marmite brown bus with a monster drag engine in the back. I watched one of your vids by the way in Losen, Jesus...

    If you see any more like that let me know
  9. scratch all that. Its a 78. It would rot in front of your eyes over here, no matter what condition it starts out in
  11. i'll probably get shot down in flames...

    having looked for over a year for my van, and having looked at and inspected hundreds of vans over the past few years, I find that UK vans post 77 are generally rot boxes. Likewise, imports of this vintage, if not taken care of quickly in terms of waxoil, new seals etc, will and do rot away incredible quickly.

    What is the reason for this? I don't know. Did they give up on quality as they got closer to launching the T25?. Worse materials? Probably, steel of that vintage was pretty poor, you only have to look at other cars of similar age, they seemed to be worse 77 thru 80

    So, no, they are not 'bad' but they need more care and are not suited to a bad climate.

    From a wholly personal point of view, and why i'll likely get shot down in flames, '76 is as young as i'd go...

  12. Hmmm,,still a to good bargain not to buy :)
  13. that is a very cheap buy. Don't be put off by me, and I guess you guys are too cold and dry to have rust
  14. O0 pick up trip upcoming weekend. will take a plane up sat.morning 0855. and if everything goes without any probs, back home on sunday after a 1480km drive.
  15. Lykke til!
  16. Takk kompis :)
    Would a travel report, with pics, be of any intrest ?
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    How would you get there , how much would it cost and what if it breaks down coming home ?.

    other than that it looks like a proper van and a bargain and i would love to see the road trip pics , go for it mate :)
  19. Seconded request for roadtrip pics :)
  20. From last time we where up there bringing one home

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