₮i₮s, ₮oilet Seats and Equal Rights

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  1. Clemency.
  2. Or just have lychee buddies
  3. What are you expecting, another great plague? Ground zero-your loo.
    You probably EAT more microscopic poo every day than can be found around your toilet. From insects and vermin that live in our vegetables before AND after harvesting to the fry-cook at the local chippy who doesn't wash his hands.
    It's on door knobs of shops and restaurants. Handrails in public stairs. It's on the tops of canned beverages, left behind by warehouse rats.
    And you know what?
    You ain't dead yet. ;)
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  4. That's true. My son works for Lidl, and he never drinks straight from the can !
  5. Toilet lid up, seat down here - that way the Dalmatian can get a drink whenever she wants, even though the water bowl downstairs is pretty much always full - it is amusing watching the Shih-Tzu try to get water from the toilet bowl though...

    Obviously, no Harpic (or US equivalent) used in our house...

    I'm with Colly - sit down wee here, too, at home, anyway.

    Of course, with a 1-year old in the house, we now have that wonderful lock on the toilet lid, which can be amusing at 2am...


    Push and hold the button, push the slide and swing everything out of the way as you open the lid...
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  6. Tuesday wildchild

    Tuesday wildchild I'm a circle!

    I read the first line then got bored but surely both seat and lid should be in the down position when the apparatus is not in use so who ever uses it should return it to this state.
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  7. jivedubbin

    jivedubbin Moderator

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  8. Crap buddies! :eek:
  9. Surely in this technological day and age it's a simple task to design a toilet seat that operates on pheremone recognition....we have touchless taps and hand driers....why not bog seats that detect males/females? Closed being the default setting....
  10. With an insert card or swipe depending on gender?
  11. I was thinking more on the lines of testosterone or oestrogen....
  12. My version would be much more entertaining, could you imagine it in a pub. They'd be bits and pieces everywhere
  13. :D
  14. The Koreans have the most wonderful electronic toilets with heated seats and gender specific bedays, I'm sure they could come up with something for you! (Forgive the spelling, it just wouldn't come to me! )
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  15. Just pee in the sink it saves all that effort
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  16. spoken like a true Lancashireman who now lives in Yorkshire....:D
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  17. Ive asked my missus to warm the water in the toilet as when i go for a pee its really cold on my willy.
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  18. I'd cater to that kinda talent myself.
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  19. Not to mention the time in london
    Or the time in the midlands
    Or the time in shropshire
    Then theres the month here and there at different places in the uk
    And the months i was in different countries

    But im pretty sure peeing in the sink is a universal thing

    I dont do it because when i go for a wee im like a pressure washer
    This allows me to removed the limescale and the previous marks whilst training my hand to eye coordination

    Im the guy you want to use your lou at the party as it will be cleaner when i leave

    Tip for the girls if your fella misses the bowl often
    Drop a ping pong ball in the bowl with a red dot on it
    Your fella and any visiting fellas will never miss again
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  20. ron


    There's actually some trains on our glorious rail network where the flush button is behind the lid and you have to put it down to flush !
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