£45 per hour!

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  1. That's just book learning;)
    Guess who's going to be PMd now you've announced that MB:D
  2. you could give him the sack:eek:
  3. Have you ever tried having a conversation with an old sewing machine engineer? They keep losing the thread...
    I'm not surprised they're grumpy...they get needled all day at work....
    My grandad retired from his job at Singer...he couldn't see the point...

    I'll get mi coat:oops:
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  4. get a newhome
  5. Thanks......:easter:
  6. :thinking: we need to put our foot down ,n reel a few in :rolleyes:
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  7. I'm looking for the carp pun emoticon but can't see to find it....:confused:
  8. is your name billy cotton :p
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  9. Mrs JT inherited a singer machine from her gran but it needed summat doing to it. Took to a small place in Keighley, very good by all accounts. If Keighley is any good to you I'll get details from Bev n pm you....
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  10. Did you static or strobe time it?
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  11. Here's a fascinating bijoux factette regarding sewing nachines:

    When Singer produced the 'classic' hundreds of thousands of them were shipped over to India...
    Singer sent technicians over there decades later to physically break them up...
    They were so well made and so well engineered that they simply couldn't sell newer models and very few spares were ordered.

    How things have changed:rolleyes:
    Anyway, I'm sounding like an old fart...
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  12. My Nan was a seamstress, and when she retired they bought her a Husqvarna (sewing machine...not a Motocross bike)
    It had all these different things that you plugged in to do different stitches....I used to mess with it when she wasn't around....it was mesmerising.
    To buy an equivalent now, would cost around £1.5K.....so not a bad retirement present
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  13. very useful esp as the next time my machines see the light of day will be in saltaire in a dedicated, but very small, sewing room. thank you :)
  14. great pressie! i have a husqvarna overlocker, nice machines :)
  15. Moons

    Moons Moderator

    Stitched you up above Barn..
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  16. Static I presume. Didn't use any strobes. Just adjusted the belts until everything moved in time.
  17. suz had her over locker repaired here in shrewsbury i think it cost £45 quid i think she was expecting it to be more....

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