£45 per hour!

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  1. if you can mend sewing machines and pay your own travel ... you're on! :D
  2. that's worth knowing as a go along the a159 to see my folks.
  3. i charge about 1/2 that as a spark as well aqnd people question why so much

    I would expect a small garage to charge that much with all the kit and premisses they need, not a sewin machine repaire place, i would try and find a small one man outfit
  4. he is a small and grumpy one man outfit. only one of two i know of in nottingham, t'other one is miles away.
  5. I must be undercharging too , fully qualified Gas/Oil Engineer and also Pressurised Cylinders, Water Regs, Bla Bla Bla Bla and Bla.

    Oh well, the sewing machine man needs to earn a living. How many times does he get called out every day?
  6. Exactly, and I bet most jobs are done within the hour.

    Why don't you take it to bits? - it's probably got stray cotton stuck somewhere. ;)
  7. unfortunately not, mine would be expensive to replace. :/
  8. thought about it but as it has a computer for embroidery i thought it'd be best to let the 'expert' do it. am interested in how to train to become a sewing machine fixer though! save a fortune and make some money without the need of a garage/big equipment. bargain :D
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    I paid roughly that for a service and it wasa timing issue too. The shop is the only one left in Liverpool and mist if his work is industrial rather than domestic machines, not many people sew as much these days I suppose or people buy cheap replacements :( I bought my machine with my first months wages and its lasted for 20 odd years. My mums machine is over 50 :)
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  10. before i got this one i had either my mums or grandmas old singers - great metal body machines and still going strong.
    yup, i think the 'throw away' culture has meant that it's cheaper to replace a cheap machine. I had a really nice old bernina which i gave away YEARS ago *sobs brokenly* bet it's still going strong.
    I'm hoping this chap will service mine too but i forgot to ask as i was contemplating shoving it up his bum because he was so stroppy :/

    I love sewing and am missing it already - will get the overlocker out tomorrow :)
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  11. There was a chap at school who was the scion of a sewing machine manufacturing family - he had a squash court built into the annexe to his bedroom
  12. Its worth looking at sewing studios in your area as many of them let you use thier machines for a small hourly charge.
  13. Tuesday wildchild

    Tuesday wildchild I'm a circle!

    Does this help?
  14. that's just the job TW, thanks. now where's the timing bit and the computer-y stuff? :)
  15. have a google of the model..:thumbsup:
    there may be a fix on the tinternet youtube or fixya or something similar... [puzzled smilie needed]
  16. i was tempted for a second but knew i'd end up chucking it out of a window... best to leave it in the hands of a miserable, grumpy old professional. hopefully. :/
  17. sewing machine back home - bizarrely it took exactly an hour to repair! although the grumbling old sod told me it took longer he must've forgotten that i'd called him earlier and he told me that he'd not had time to look at it!) and that he only takes cash - imagine his surprise when i asked him for a receipt.
    apparently his till needed a new roll so he wrote one on a comp slip.
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  18. Tuesday wildchild

    Tuesday wildchild I'm a circle!

    That's how I found a fix for me blackberry.

    Get itself on the Webby thing now girl. :D
  19. Unfortunatly...the general consensus is ,is that if you can do something /have the time to do it yourself,then you will have to pay someone x amount to get the job done...you just have to go to work to earn the money to pay them...or learn.Thats why i have a 'fairly mint' van...and others do,im sure...but its not just vans,it cover a wide spectrum.Im off to drink some more of the 18 gallons of really strong cider i made now...see? there it is again!...cheaper than 3 for a tenner at Asda...;)
  20. who know what they are doing;):D

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