Your current Earworm?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Louey, May 13, 2019.

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  2. I was quite surprised as I usually find his solo stuff a bit flat.

  3. That dramatic build up to that brilliant film you’ve been waiting to see all week, as a child, I guess.

    Ah, memories...
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  4. Moons

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    Dunno why.....god I miss Gary Moore...

    Haha, just realised at the end there's Sue Pollard and some of the cast of Grange Hill...
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  5. a great summers day song

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  7. I am now thinking about the adverts for the local Curry house with the flock wallpaper and The Pickwick Inn where " everybody meets and you are assured of a warm welcome", not strictly true
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  8. Uh Huh, Oh Yeah. Oh man those backing singers xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Oh yeah todays ear whacks
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  10. Lol. Caffyns Mercedes showroom in Corsley, advert. That’s one of the ads shown at our local flick, The Westway Cinema. Interestingly enough, Steve Caffyn now has his own TT race team...

  11. Insanely brilliant.
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  12. Going to see them soon supporting Madness so I thought I'd put on a few of their songs to jog the memory. Just one of many fine pop songs Ian Broudie knocked out seemingly without effort in the 90s:thumbsup:
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  13. Don't be surprised if they 'haven't quite' got the sound right on the first song. Seen them twice in the last couple of years and both time Brodie had a fit about the sound.

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  14. Can’t beat a bit of Beth and the Chemicals.:thumbsup:and its only wednesday...
  15. This came to mind
    Short but oh so sweet..
  16. I'm having trouble shifting this one.
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  17. It's hospital radio tonight (7-8pm
    I think this might get an airing

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  18. Don’t know why, but this has been going through my head since I woke early this morning. Maybe it’s because I’m a Brummie, and they are a Birmingham group :cool:

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