Your current Earworm?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Louey, May 13, 2019.

  1. This is mine :)

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  2. It’s Ken Bruce’s fault

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  3. jivedubbin

    jivedubbin Moderator

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  4. I was watching Don’t Look Back the other night, and Bob plays this for this is my current one.
  5. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    This! RIP Doris Day

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  7. [​IMG]
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  8. No, another amazing star gone

  9. RIP Doris. 97's not bad, tho'...
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  10. This


    Which we are learning for the summer show on 1st June.
    And strangely this

    Which we are not?
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  11. I get a few returning for a couple of days at intervals of several months at a time ... and they're usually not music, (Old MacDonald and his farm have a lot to answer for) but a spoken phrase.
    Favourite and most persistent is:
    "Quite frankly my good Sir I don't like the cut of your jib!"
    Runner up is:
    "Elvira Maddigan"
    ....... and yes, I HAVE had my head examined.
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  12. I keep singing it all day long

  13. But I had a lovely time listening to this on the way home
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  15. Mine, and no idea why.
  16. Cracking tune
  17. Because it is great
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  18. Dazza

    Dazza Eyebrow not high brow

  19. Try this one as well.

    Third edit..

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