What colour is Orient Blue?

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  1. We have a camper that in the near future will need a respray,
    At the moment our camper is a very dark blue which we believe is orient blue.
    After removing the front grill we found a different blue, which was a completely different colour blue. (a nicer and lighter colour blue).
    I googled Orient Blue 1973 L53H Volkswagen and found the exact two colours of blue found on our camper. But which one is Orient blue? Could the paintwork still fade behind the grill? and what colour would it have been when it originally left the factory?
    I also found this http://paintref.com/cgi-bin/colorcodedisplay.cgi?color=Orient Blue
    The Fiat Orient Blue darker one, is very similar to the current colour.
    Whereas the Volkswagen Orient Blue is lighter and similar to the the colour found behind the grill.

    Thank you for your help!
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    Do you know what/where your M plate is?
    That will give you it's original colour when you decode it.
  3. <<<< thats orient blue
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  4. My bus is orient blue
  5. Mick can you please post a full pic of your van ? I am also trying to decide on colours and want a deepish blue - when I google VW t2 orient blue or reef blue they all show shop entirely different! Considering fiat 500 baby blue but too common. Yours may be the one I am looking for
  6. Hi please see my other post, can you put up a full pic please ?
  7. sorry it wont let me put pics up ☹
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  8. [​IMG]

  9. IMG_9860.JPG
  10. vw-camper-amp-commercial-89_158480.jpg
  11. Great thanks Mick, looking good, I have that magazine is that your bus ?!
  12. yes. I sold it though. I wanted magazine but forgot to buy it. If you want to sell mag when done I will buy it off you
  13. I like to keep them but I could scan and email your bit for you ?
  14. Oh just looked through my mags it's not that issue it was a similar one sorry !!
  15. Thank you so much for replies this has been so helpful!
  16. do you know how I should go about getting the right orient blue colour to match its old original colour? As I don't have a decent enough piece of colour to give to the paint shop, they mentioned something about getting a digital colour mixing code.
    And also is orient blue an unusual colour or not? Thanks
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  17. I like to keep them but I could scan and email your bit for you ?
    I ordered mine online £3.50 plus £1 postage or something, you can order copies which are out of date, I can send you the link if you would like me to :)

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