What colour is Orient Blue?

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  1. Afraid it doesn't have an m plate as the passenger seat was cut for a swivel chair, we have the vw birth certificate which suggests it should be orient blue and pastel white, but it's just trying to distinguish and make sure we get the "correct" lighter version of the orient blue (it's original colour). And not its current darker colour (which is similar to that of the fiat's orient blue)
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    Have you checked on Top of the heater pipes behind the dash just in case?
  3. I had my van resprayed in Orient Blue about 7 years ago ( see my Avatar ). I have recently had touch up from Halfords quoting only paint code VW quote and it matches fine.....not sure what you mean by early /late Orient Blue.......not seen a mention in paint codes.
  4. Oops, just posted on an old thread...........too much alcohol this evening !! Merry Christmas 2016 lol !
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  5. Too much alcohol ??? Its Monday :D
  6. My m-plate reads as reef blue.
    Other general evidence (ie sales catalogue of buses exported to the states in 1976) suggests orient blue, which is slightly lighter.
    We did a non scientific colour match and came up with orient blue.
    We’ll most likely go with Orient blue as we like that shade - even if it wasn’t orient blue originally, it could have been
    (And was orient blue in an alternative reality!)
  7. Orient Blue L53H was used ’73 to ’75, Reef Blue L57H is slightly lighter and used ’76 to ’79. https://www.thesamba.com/vw/archives/info/colorstype2.php
  8. Mine is reef blue and sometimes called ocean blue L55 HPIM2667.JPG
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  9. Mine is Orient Blue [​IMG][​IMG]

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    I always hated the bland Neptune blue bus's back in the day, preferring the more brightly painted two colour bus's, but now I love it and you very rarely see an original one.

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  11. (Leyton) Orient hasn't been blue since the late 60's!:thumbsup:
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    Is that what colour @Beaver s van is?
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    I think so yes. Well remembered :thumbsup:
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  14. Yes, with a cloud white roof

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    Was the white roof original S?
  16. Yarp, gutters up from the factory

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    A lovely van yours. One of my faves. :thumbsup:
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    Crikey, have you just come out of hibernation?:p
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  19. Just been pretty busy, got. A week off and my ears were burning

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  20. As an aside , mine`s yellow , just yellow ....


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