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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Poptop2, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. raining here as well so i got me umbrella ready


    today i am going to look at another engine for the camper
  3. Trying to work out which low profile 14" tyres to buy...
  4. Havin a coffee then heading back out to the shed to glass on the fins on my new board, then ill be heading out for camping supplies!!
  5. 72wilma

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  6. Getting my new headlights all set, and the timing set as it's running very rich :/
  7. Get my mixture set on my newly refitted motor and hopefully putting up my car tent to keep her dry for the not do far away winter
  8. failed to fix some sewing machines ate biscuits and learn't how to play crisp packet triangle rugby.
  10. 1st eat a packet of crisps
    2nd fold empty packet into small origami triangle.
    3rd person opposite makes rugby goal with hands and you try and flick the triangle over the bar.

    - i do not know how to play non crisp rugby
    - balancing the triangle on it's tip before you take aim is trickier than it looks.
    - i was taught this game by my friends brilliant kids
  11. ahhh well half way there because i always fold and tie my empty crisp packet, soo all i got to do is then flick it looooool sweeet :)
  12. Poptop2

    Poptop2 Moderator

    finally got my missing piece of brake hose -- fitted that then discovered the rear hoses were u/s so have decided to change those , gsf 8.30 in the morning -- AAAAaaarrrrrrrrghhhhhhh !!!.
  13. Finally got the side matching curtain fitted while still working my ass off at work (Home) and all with my bad knee !
  14. Van packed, setting off for a wet weekend in the woods. Yay ;D
  15. Going out now to see why my bus won't start , either ignition switch or loose starter wire (dean-butlers fault for spreading bad vibe ignition stories earlier)
  17. We've just finished work till 30th august...chill out here we come!!

    Pub first though ;D
  18. Poptop2

    Poptop2 Moderator

    Last night/ this morning at 12.30 am i parked my lorry up just outside of Brum , went to bed in my bunk until 0800 this morning , i then went into gsf and bought the rear brake hose's that i was short of , today i have finished renewing all the pipes n hoses on Rhubarb , i am having five before going out to bleed them :)
  19. Well today, i got out my Awning to see what it was called and there is no badge on the bag its in, sooooooo if the weather is looking good for tomorrow going to try see if i can put it up and colour code the poles for future.

    Been out and tended my veg, and watered the plants even tho i think they dont really need it hahaha ;D .

    Need to phone Talktalk Monday because i am in no mood to speak to them today, as i cant have the modom and phone plugged in at the same time, so at the minute i am on WiFi free internet so i can have my house phone's on for peeps to ring me, soooo glad i have skype too. I have checked everything, so i guess its a tec fault, but not being horrible but i'm not in mood to try understand the poor english of the person i will get trying to tell me what to do, :-

    Think i need a brew :p
  20. Call centres do my head in too !

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