Westfalia 1973 Cool box dimensions

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  1. Does anyone know the exact dimensions of the cool box that sits inside the unit on a '73 westfalia please?! I am looking to buy a new fridge and want to know which fridges will fit. Most interested in compressor, waeco or similar. I have seen others post similar threads but can't find the answer as of yet. Thanks!
  2. Errr, if you have a 73 Westy then surely the easiest thing to do is to measure your unit?
    If yours is the Continental and you don't use the water container then this can be removed to create more space. Welcome BTW:D
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  3. Thanks. Not a continental, LHD US import with single unit behind front passenger seat. Do you happen to know where the water container is kept on this type? Only just got van (first one) so apologies for lack of knowledge..!
  4. Well it's the law to post some pictures of your bus @Dom Childs , a sort of right of passage lol.
    Let's see the interior & we can work out between us all what's the best solution for getting you a modern fridge :thumbsup:
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    Welcome, say hello with pics in the introduce yourself section as well
  6. Pics in introduce section! Here is a interior pic, not that useful but only one I have on computer and I'm away from home today... Looking at a Waeco CR50 if anyone knows if that fits IMG_2134.JPG
  7. think its the waeco 45 that will ?
  8. Thanks!
  9. hi,

    A Webasto indel Cruise 49 fits in a Helsinki cabinet (if the water tank is removed) , think the waeco crx50 is very similar, so should also fit:


    Thats the Indel one, which I might be selling soon:
  10. Thanks! we ended up removing the water tank and putting in the waeco cr50. thanks for the pic!
  11. Have u got a pic of yours?
  12. I converted the cool ox in our westy continental to a fridge, had to have a new water tank made to provide a bit of space in the unit but works well and has kept the original look and feel too.
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