WANTED Type 4 original Heat exchanger

Discussion in 'Late Bay Parts Classifieds' started by Faust, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. Original type 4 heat exchanger N/Side only . Does not matter if the casing is rotten as all i need is the internal finned section . flange to exhaust must be OK .
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  3. Oval
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    Which one is this?
  5. Square port, oval ones have an insert that goes into the head
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  6. S
  7. See that asbestos matting ...just been removing it out of mine .
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  8. And Off side :)
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    Yes mate, I've got the pair but that was the only pic I had easily to hand :p
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  10. that's what folk call square! Not oval!
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  11. Just realised there are a couple of half decent exchangers under the 1700 type 4 that I've posted for sale elsewhere on here ...
    As they're still fitted I can't tell whether they're the right shape port
    Done some photos which will get loaded later, so maybe you'll be able to tell from them.
    Could do with knowing how much you think is reasonable to pay,
    whether you'll take both,
    and I don't suppose you fancy taking them off as well?! :rolleyes:
  12. ... Some photos for starters.
    Have some others taken from underneath that might help with the port type?
    (The oil is from a gearbox I had parked on top o_O and the encrusted topsides in the last two pics is just crud, not rust ...)


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  13. 1700 will be oval port – and they’re good exchangers, probably worth more than the engine.
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  14. Thank you sir! :hattip:
    I did wonder about the value ...
    and you've saved me posting some flash-crazed pics of underneath that probably wouldn't have helped anyway!
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  15. Where about's are you ?
  16. The heat exchangers will sell if you take them off the engine, value is whatever someone is prepared to pay for them. If I wanted them I’d offer you £100 but they’re probably worth more. Same for the engine and gearbox you have for sale, split them; you’ll get more selling the box separately. What’s wrong with the engine?
  17. They need to be off to see what state the heads are in, where they are fixed to the head .
    Some times they crack where they join to the manifold down pipe .
    They will have the asbestos netting in them so the casing will have to be split open to rid it . but that is something me or another buyer would have to do .

    What are you doing with the engine ?
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  18. As in the 1700 thread ... near Stroud.
  19. I'm going to have a go at removing the exchangers ... Sounds like they should be going as a pair, rather than just the one for "butchery"?
    The engine is outside my skillset (without a lot of learning which I don't have time for) so it's up for sale along with the exchangers, gearbox and tin.
    More or less complete apparently, but difficult to put a fair value on.
  20. soak the studs/nuts. clean off what rust you can as the studs more than likely will shear!
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