The new 'new old house resto' thread

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ermintrude, Oct 24, 2018.

  1. That was Professor Plum.
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  2. No he got off on a technicality
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  3. Blimey, has Buster Gonad become a professor nowadays?
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  4. Does Look North still exist? Thought region telly died out long ago?
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  5. Some on here think there is just tumble weed north of Watford :rolleyes:
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  6. I lived down South for long enough to know it's not for me. Mind you, I see as down South as anything below Alnwick.
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  7. Keep meaning to put it up in a tree or something. Still not got round to it.
  8. She is indeed. One of the finest.
  9. update on the wondrous woman that is Carla; it's been a long night but she managed to get some rest and is feeling a little better. less pain so hopefully the crazy antibiotics are working.
    Yesterday she was checking that i had all her family numbers and instructions (the 'death plan' has been in place a couple of years), trying to reassure her while fighting overwhelming sadness and tears was nigh on impossible but think she was too poorly to notice the gibbering wreck she's putting so much faith in.

    It's been a long night (slept in my clothes 'just in case') but thankfully a good one for Carla as she's already nagged me, told me off and tried to get up and about! :rolleyes: It's OK though, i won the battle and managed to overpower the diminutive 83 year old and negotiate a 'possible' up and about later today when i've finished work. To be fair the only reason i 'won' is because she's still so poorly, so not a great victory. but boy is she stubborn!

    I'm nazzed, emotional, working and still contemplating some house stuff today, but oh so pleased she's on the very gradual mend :)

    send snuggly blankets and gin. for me. :D
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  10. Glad she’s a bit better and that you have clothes on incase of wandering in the night !! Being prepared is a sign you still have your marbles too :D
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  11. So is the crazy cat thing not true then :D
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  12. Ha cheeky! Made me realise I need to get the bus and bug sorted as soon as possible just in case.
  13. What I’d rather be doing today

    What I’m going to attempt to do between working
  14. Yes so no gin :oops:
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  15. Is the price tag staying for post arry tea ?
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  16. still need to clean the hole up to be filled after excavating shenanigans the other day.

    the concrete says to mix in a 'mechanical mixer or flatboard' :confused: can't i just mix in a bucket and tip it into the hole???
  17. Yeh I should think so be quick thou :D
  18. quick?! i'm struggling with managing slow today... really? could do with any tips or very simple, easy instructions for the hard of thinking today :(
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  19. Mix and then fill the hole with it - it will start setting reasonably quick, but not instantly. Get it smooth and level as soon as possible, so get your tools/bits of wood ready before mixing.
  20. Cat guard maybe required as they seem to like wet cement and as fast drying :eek:
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