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  1. Made one good drivers seat out of two damaged ones. Both had broken springs (but fortunately in different places) and I managed to tape and glue together a good horsehair seat pad out of two and fix a torn cover.

    Also cleaned a very grubby but very cheap spare wheel and tyre I won on eBay.

    May even treat it to a lick of paint.

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  2. More likely your oil cooler seals have gone if its sudden and massive.:(
    If you parked it up then serviced it .. stuff lost its mojo and gave up as soon as you tried ragging it past a Ferrari...
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  3. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    Filled up steering box oil as it is either two or three years now it’s been leaking and I’ve not quite got round to getting it properly fixed :oops:
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  4. Took the sliding door off.

    Discovered that the outer skin has parted company with the frame at the bottom in a way that means a rebuild is on the cards.

    Blew Waxoyl in using my new Lidl goopy stuff spray gun and decided that using lots of compressed air is the way to get Waxoyl to move..

    Ground the flange down on one of the replacement bushes I had fitted on the hinge.
    As I stopped the grinder, the nut flew off and everything fell on the floor. So much for only doing up grinder discs hand tight.
    I think I have a spare nut its not the first time the nut on the grinder has gone walkabout.

    Painted some inaccesible bits. Put the door back , gouged the paintwork as I staggered around with it. It was heavier than when I took it off, honest.. sprayed over the scratches.
    And adjusted the rear striker so it shuts.
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  5. the rocker cover gasket decided to come adrift, luckily Mike.

    Its back on now ready for a run up tomorrow :D
  6. On the drive home from a run out in the van the speedo stopped working. Once home I took off the bearing cap to find the inner cable was snapped.


    Then went to release the handbrake on a friends camper that had been stood for several months as it’s got its MOT tomorrow. Had to give her the bad news that her tyres were cracked on the walls and that the rear off side slave cylinder seals were weaping so the brake shoes were contaminated too.

    At least she can drive it to the MOT though.

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  7. Poptop2

    Poptop2 Moderator

    front fitted and windscreen fitted.


    With the help of some straps and Vaseline it took 10 minutes on my own.

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  8. Ah, good old straps and Vaseline.

    Reminds me of my wedding night...
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  9. Can't understand the need for Vaseline if you were alone........ahh friction burns !
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  10. Had a stern word with the old girl....breaking down ... how dare she.
    The Yorkshire in me thought 15 nights campsite fees and 1000 miles of fuel saved.
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  11. Spotted yet more issues left by the engine fitter:
    He rerouted my towing electrics and air suspension line via the exhaust pipe:
    Nicely melted:
    The short blew the towing repeater unit.
    Luckily there was enough slack in the air line to fix that.

    Then he Rerouted the ignition feed so that it sits perfectly on the throttle cable:

    Already fixed a carb link rod back in after it fell off leaving me running on two cylinders, and replaced reverse light connection. Haven’t figured out why the thermostat isn’t closing if when cold though.
    The list grows each time I drive it.

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  12. moved it, moved the Beetle , washed the Beetle as it looked like a barn find, moved the camper in position to do Drivers side Wheel arch,
    Then got distracted with something else...
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  13. Was his name Rodney
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  14. Doesn't Vaseline attack the rubber? It's petrol based...

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    No idea tbh. I’m hoping it will dry out eventually.
  16. ooer missus,
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  17. It is, and it will.
  18. may be KY jelly would of been a better choice...
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  19. Rebuilt the interior cabinets:

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  20. nothing :(

    Filled it up and took to mechanic yesterday after filling up with fuel, call from mechanic now to say it's run out of fuel!
    Fuel lines were 'replaced' (not by me, nor mechanic) with ethanol proof stuff i'd bought for the mechanic to replace!
    and now ..... this is why i hate people who don't know, messing about with my engine. :(
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