The All New, New "What have you done to your Bay today" thread.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by top banana racing, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. Ha, that'll learn ya to be rude about my solar panel ;)

    But whilst we're here looking at pictures of wood pigeon poo all over your bus, any top tips for fitting 2 anchor point aerials like what it looks like you have? I'm being very cowardly about drilling my front panel, and am pretty sure I've not got a drill bit that size anyway….
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  2. You need to be brave (obvs), but I'm not sure I'd do it again, mainly due the quality of the antennas (I'm on my second one). Could put a pukka Hirschman in the "official" place under the windscreen, but that's a really difficult hole to drill. I'd try and find a good quality, single hole job.
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  3. The original single hole on the bulge was dented and going rusty due to a shrunken and leaky seal, so we welded it up to start again. I like the idea of the double point ones because the anchor points are in a much easier to maintain location. I think I’ll probably sort it at techenders.... I bought the aerial a while back...... hopefully there might be a helpful soul out there to watch and shout STOP!!! if it looks like I’m about to bog it up!! (@Lasty :D !!)
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  4. Internal windscreen aerial! No drilling and can throw it around the cab for the best signal
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  5. The holes are only about 10mm - not huge. Just watch tightening the nuts up - the plastic bushes are really fragile and break easily if you heave.

    An internal FM antenna is about 100 miles long and far too big for a Bay windscreen.
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  6. Drove it :D:D.
    Bought my bus in july 2015 as a "quick and easy repair"

    pauls 013.JPG

    Nearly 4 years later (and about £500 lighter if the wife asks ;)) i got to take it for a drive out...

    tt 266.JPG

    tt 270.JPG

    Couple of niggles to sort but very very pleased with how it went :thumbsup:
  7. 9 years after I bought it, I finally swapped out the starter motor for a new one. The old one worked perfectly 9 times out if 10, the tenth time you'd turn the key and nothing happened. No clonk, no movement zip. You had to hit it with something hard to get it going again. Hopefully the new one is ok. Sounds wierd though.

    I also fixed the broken vent flat. One of the hinge pieces had broken (plastic). After trying super glue, and 'welding' it with a soldering iron, I finally covered it in hot glue, using my wife's glue gun. Might last a few days, might last the rest of it's life.

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  8. I’ve done bugger all stuck in cheshire at the mother-in-laws! Weather is bound to be Marmitee next weekend when I have time to play!
  9. That's my big worry for when I get the van back on Tuesday or Wednesday, it'll probably rain all week

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  10. more time underneath him this morning but this time without ramps or jack. Sorted throttle and now tine to clean
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  11. A bit of solar panel fettling and faffing, but can’t finish the job as my order somehow got lost and stuff I ordered two weeks ago will now arrive on Tuesday. Ah well, might just end up finishing it at techenders!
    S’pose I’ll just have to get on with the cleaning and packing instead :D
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  12. Cleaned, curtains in, shopping list made, ice packs in freezer.
    Would’ve been nice to do a proper deep clean but I no longer have a steam cleaner.

    It’s nice to finally have him home
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  13. Started getting ready for techenders. Put the bumper back on and the number plate - and then discovered problems with the instrument gauge! See other post!

    Other than that she ran beautifully!

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  14. Why you cleaning with a fork?
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  15. I have decided to do one last run in the bus tomorrow before Techenders as its going to rain on Wednesday.. so I can start packing.

    Took it for a run around today and discussed changing the front seats with my wife. She wants something with working head restraints.
  16. it was a rake :p
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  17. Well done erm , you go have a great time with Trevor n the clan now , you deserve it gal :thumbsup:
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  18. All that for £500, you've done very well there ;)
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  19. Took it for a spin in the sunshine!

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  20. Superb few days in Reedness

    Arrived home to oil all over the left hand underside, dripping everywhere so it’s either the rocker cover gasket gone or a pushrod tube seal blown.

    So much for doing a service t’other week :mad:
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