Steering rack conversion

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  1. Anyone know how this might be done? I have started to do some reading up on this, and I understand that it can be done with a bedford rascal steering rack/column, or possibly with an old mk3 Astra one. I just wondered whether anyone else had looked into this at all?
  2. We've been working on a split that has Astra steering. I know it's a splitty but it may give you some idea. Go on VZi and search for "jet rocket" by Moler I think.
  3. if you're going to fit one at least get something robust from a similar sized/weight vehicle. Vauxhall designed failure into their systems...

    The is a company who do electro mechanical power steering to fit these buses. At the price for this 'off the shelf' modification you could buy yourself a red 9 coil over beam - Richard claims the steering at parking speeds is incredibly light and obviously is well connected to the steering.

    Can I ask why you want power steering? You will need a system which only works at parking speeds - these vans have wander lust and are worse at higher speeds, toing and froing on a steering wheel with power assistance will end in disaster as you over compensate. The steering on these is only heavy at low speeds, you're better off learning to drive the old fashioned way (keep moving with steering inputs) or get one of those bus wheel jobbies
  4. Litesteer EPAS units shut down above 40mph leaving you with the normaly light steering at that speed.
  5. mis-read, thought you wanted power steering, not a steering rack
  6. I want rack steering, not power steering. I have standard wheels/tyres, and I can manoeuvre at slow speeds no problem. I've been trying to work out the Astra one on the Jet Rocket, but I need to stare at the pictures a bit more to work out how it might apply to a late bay. The Astra one looks like it might be a bit more robust than the rascal one. Mind you, the rascal steering system is for a similarly laid out vehicle, so I can see how it might be easier to adapt.
  7. i thought most power steering systems shut down or go half pressure when at high speeds.....
    .ive never had a problem with the vw bay steering ..alot lighter than a merc van of the 80,s or early 90,s..the steering circle is bloody good....mk3 astra looooooooooooooool that cracked me up ....saw a metro one on vzi i think ,think it was a metro ,i know it was a small car
  9. Get your stock steering nipped up properly (I mean properly), then ask yourself whether you really want a rack :)...
  11. Dub Bells are cheaper ... red 9 design better if you got 1600 quid spare..
  15. Nah, that was just a bare beam with a rack bolted to it.... dunno how much you get with it to convert it all over... but £900 for a bolt on solution isn't too bad :thumbsup:
  17. Just buy an old rascal then take what you want of it then scrap or sell the bit on

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