Steering box seal kit anyone?

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Keith.H, Mar 8, 2014.

  1. Think i have some left, will confirm tomorrow
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  2. Yep, got a set left
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  3. Keith if there is one still going, I'd like it please. Is it OK for '76 RHD South African import? (2ltr type, servo brakes - in case any of that is relevant )
  4. Same here, if you have any more, or do another batch, I’d take one.
  5. Excellent. What's the advantage of the pointer?
  6. The pointer helps with centering, but its mainly the fact of having a new dust seal, its always been an extra as quite often they are ok
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  7. ^this. The rib on the dust cap does help you feel if the steering is centred when tweaking steering box play.
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  8. Please could I take a set with a pointer version? :)
  9. Have you not got a dust cap?
  10. No idea! Haven't looked but if the rest of the bus is anything to go by, it's probably been replaced with a dried cockroach. So far I've found a sparkplug where the servo one-way valve should be, part of a washing machine drum where a pedal underpan would be but on the passenger side (covering a tanoi speaker!) and countless other bodges.
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  11. If you're interested in dried cockroaches, it's quite possible that @davidoft has a supply of NOS ones.
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  12. Hi, can I take a kit with the pointer , thanks Keith
  13. Hi Keith,

    I’m late to the party but would like two early box kits if you are able to make them up??

    Cheers, David

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  14. I will have a look and see whats left
  15. Thanks ;)
  16. Hi Keith , have you any kits left, don't need the pointer dust cap as already sourced 1
    Cheers john
  17. Will check whats left tomorrow
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  18. How are you..?

    and the famous field..?

    And your old side kick... topbannalama..:D

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  19. Hi. I’d like as much of a complete kit as possible for a late box if there is any availability?

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