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  1. 0% credit
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  2. Oooh I have, oh hang on iv'e missed the zeros after the apostrophe
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  3. Spend some of that you have stashed under the bed :thumbsup:
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  4. Have you been in his bed :eek:
  5. Sssshhhhh Mrs Pikey doesn't know :)
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  6. Oh she didn’t tuck you in then :eek:
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  7. Sssssshhhhhh Pikey doesn't know about that :)
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  8. Airbnb?
  9. Just do a few extra driveways this weekend!
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  10. IMG_3206.JPG
    Error 74 :thinking: Wonder what that is
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  11. Play with switch according to John Deere there was a recall ?? To fit newswitch ??
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  12. John Deere brilliant workhorse build to last :cool:
  13. @Ozziedog would like that tail gate I’m sure:cool:
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  15. Gorgeously restored Bay spotted near Worthing. If it’s anyone’s on here, chapeau.
  16. 20181028_125830_resized.jpg
    Someone else braving the frozen North!
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  17. Out for a drive..did a round trip of 400mls today (not in the camper) and I only spotted 4 campers in the whole time and all of em near Newcastle...
    One of them must of been @VDubvan .there can't be 2 vans that pink in the country. Saw it waiting to get onto A69 this morning..
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  18. Sounds like me around 10:30-11am ish.
  19. Would be about that time...looked like you wanted to cross the dual carriageway and head back to Newcastle. Nice bright pink van...
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  20. IMG_20181211_154033833.jpg
    North Finchley, London Dec 11th ...... Apart from the alloys this is what we WOULD have had without the input of Mr Hancock / 65 Deluxe :-/
    Ah well, still holding on to the silver lining:
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