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  1. Looks like a Rolls Canhardly :thumbsup:
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  2. Honda?

    Edit Toyota 1000
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  3. No it is a Suzuki GX but I
    haven't ever seen one before.
    Would like to know more..
    It has rear vents so probably air cooled an eligible for the 5/b....
  4. Toyota made one very similar- may have been a collaboration?
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  5. The plot thickens..maybe air cooled Suzuki motorcycle engine in a Toyota chassis..
  6. Just looked, rear engine water cooled. Was likened to a new version of the imp.

    Edit can't find a link to toyota- but who knows
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  7. No good on hills then?
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    This was on a U.S. group page.
    Any idea who made this?

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  12. Hmm, I think that's a VW ;).
    Have I just dislodged @Barry Haynes from 1st place on "the list"?
  13. I made this. I made it on my garage drive. It took 5 hours to conceive and 37 mins to build that's including painting and installing the hot tub as well.
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  14. Please Keep up, I havent been on the list since the old king died:thumbsup:
  15. It’s dodgy north of watford !!!!

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  16. At Sanders Park, Bromsgrove.[​IMG]

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  17. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] love it!

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  18. Woooza buy it :thumbsup:
  19. @Barneyrubble
    Unfortunately I haven’t got £50’000
    Lying around :cool:

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