spiritual successor to the t2?

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  1. Yes i know VW still makes a t6 camper but TBH they leave me cold as they are super-expensive so out of the question for a regular family and really not the same sort of ethos / rugged / get it muddy / use it hard / as the original type 2 IMO.

    I saw this on pistonheads and to me, this makes a lot more sense as a rugged family usable camper, and not silly money either:



  2. Not for me
  3. Relatives have a California Ocean .... their son much prefers ours.... and on site they don't get a second glance .
  4. I’m the wrong person to ask it’s aircooled T2 baywindow for me and nothing else
  5. Agree, we see so many t5/t6 vans on the road as working trades vans they are just not that interesting as campers. Plus i think on a camp site you risk looking like a bit of a cock if you're in a 50-60k vehicle parked up next to someone in a £50 quid tent from halfords.

    @Barry Haynes yep, i'm not going to get one either, love my t2 but if you were in the market for something new i think a rugged bus like this ^ appeals more than a modern vw.?
  6. If I got rid of my camper the replacement would be a mark 1 Cortina GT or Lotus,
  7. The originals were regarded as HIGHLY UNSTABLE they used to roll at the first glimpse at a bend in the road.
  8. At least it looks a bit different
    Apart from the badges I can't tell the difference from T6, transit, sprinter etc
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  9. You can't re-invent the wheel :)
  10. I have it on great authority that new VW's will be based on fords with VW bodies. ;)
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  11. I’m a trademan. As you’d imagine loads of my mates are as well. Every single one of them that used to own vw, some for years have now gone over to transit customs. I’ve not found a single thing about a t6 that I like better than the custom. And the customs are about 8k cheaper. I think vw are giving up on the small one man band tradesman as they can’t rip it out of them anymore. They are going after big fleet sales like British Gas who turn over vans every three years.

    If I was looking for a brand new van to hack up into a camper then I sure as hell wouldn’t give vw the money. The 8k difference is a fair chunk of the conversion cost.

    They are in danger of pricing themselves out of this market. Look a fully specd up vivaro. It’s peanuts compared to a t6.
  12. That would be the spiritual successor to the T6 then - the T3 was the successor to the T2
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    Depends if you still want an element of cool factor really. Any of the modern sprinter size Diesel vans would make a decent reliable camper, and without the scene tax.

    The T25 is a much better van than a t2, and with a Scooby lump to liven it up, they are ace.

    Iv got a T4 that I took in as payment for a job, and it is a sturdy, reliable old thing, but they are slow, noisey and massively over priced for what they are. And every one you see has had the bonnet painted black, and some sort of shyte graphic on the side of it... and every lycheeer has got one
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    Oi! Mine is all blue with black bumpers I will have you know :mad:
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    Sorry! Forgot to add "except merlin cats, which is the epitomy of awesomeness" :thumbsup:
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    :D X
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    VW campers have always been super expensive. I remember pricing a new Devon t25 back in the 80’s and nearly falling off my seat. It was as much as an average house in our area. My 72 Danbury was more than my parents house nearly 3k and my parents house was £2900.
  18. Thought... in 1972 my camper was around £1700.00....... a house wasn’t much more....
  19. Not put into production but a decade or so ago there was a VW concept vehicle which harked back to a vintage bus. A bit like BMW minis, etc.
    Don't have a picture but remember it looked good :)
  20. I heared that too o_O
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