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  1. We have a spot! Hard to access in the bus so its rude not to stay at least a week!
  2. [​IMG]
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  3. Butts brow , used to love walking my dogs here every day I could

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  4. 20180711_205944.jpg best place ever when everyone else has buggerd off apart from me the wife and my dog
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  5. Sorry huge photo
  6. Your dog takes great photos!!! :)
  7. My favourite place. I would love to retire here. 1516876412_home-slide1.jpg
  8. That looks like Colmers Hill ?:)
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  9. Its a go pro vid thats been screen grabed the dog had gone wondering off :p:D
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  10. WP_20170827_12_30_47_Pro.jpg 2019-01-13 (1).png
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  11. Merlin Cat

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    Me too :)
  12. Maybe we need a late bay ice cream summer meet ? :)
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  13. Stop ruining my joke with facts!!!! :)
  14. WP_20180902_10_08_57_Pro.jpg
    Compton Beech, Isle of Sh1te
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