Show us your place you like to go...

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  1. 72239E98-963F-4C97-A210-770C5783B628.jpeg ...on google earth.
    This is an old oak tree that I like to go and sit under, and have a think.
  2. ron


    good place to recharge your battery :p
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  3. Quite so....
  4. 89CC75EF-5C15-4BFF-9B90-DF7D4160D3BD.jpeg
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  5. I want and will move to Portugal.

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  6. 1/2 way up the stairs
  7. Did you meet a man who wasn’t there?
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  8. Here’s mine,
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  9. One of my favourite places in the world (but obviously not somewhere I get to go on a particularly regular basis!)

    And a more realistic favourite place to be
    Most Cornish beaches will do!
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  10. Show us a
    place you like to go
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  11. GoogleEarth.jpg
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  12. You go to the parrot?
  13. Mostly just sit on the beach, but probably (terrible memory for pub names!) Not been there for a while.... an oversight I fully intend to rectify this year!
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  14. My bro in law lives in Falmouth. We get there when we can. Havnt taken the van down there for a few years.
  15. Another place where I go to go fishing.Chesil at Bridging camp. 7BB2B71A-7B60-4CBF-BC7F-02B30EEED229.png
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  16. And there’s my boat I cross the fleet in. DA764EFF-7FB5-4370-A292-9CD8B5D18F18.jpeg
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  17. Basically anywhere outdoors especially if it has trees
    I do like this hill
  18. [​IMG]

    Seven Sisters across Cuckmere.
    Park at the end of Seaford beach, preferably in the bus, walk over Seaford Head to this view - it’s always different as the changing light affects it so much - then back for tea in the bus.
    This was a couple of days after Christmas and the grey just lifted as we got there with the late low sun appearing and illuminating the cliffs.

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  19. Where’s that? Near us?
  20. Used to fish that area quite a lot as a lad ,and prawn crab n winkle :eek:
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